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Jeremy Andrews 12 Jun 2001 00:48

South America to Alaska ( or maybe just South America.......
Bottom to the top starting in January 2002 is the Master Plan, although the more I learn about South America the more likely I am to get side tracked. Approximate travel time around 6 Months - but who wants to put a deadline on it !

Havn't found the right bike yet, as I'm tossing up between an LC640 Adventure, R80 GS Basic or even a vamped-up XT600E or something similar. ( News Flash - Just purchased an F650GS-PD !, now looking for a tank solution... )

Would be nice to have someone else to laugh at I guess...

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pj30 31 Aug 2001 20:56

Hi Jeremy,

I am also planning to travel from Buenos Aires via Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay starting in January 2002. The '95 R100 GS PD is nearly ready and I am currently looking into getting my bike over there. The trip should take 6-8 months.

Like to hear from you.


Live the dream and encompass the spirit of adventure.

Abel 2 Oct 2001 15:59

I don't have my bike yet (in about 6 months).
I am considering one or the other (North/South America) up to Alaska.
I'm in Los Angeles.
Perhaps if I get my act together in time I may see you on the road?

BTW: This would be my first ride ever.

d 9 Oct 2001 22:12


I donĀ“t know if you need to look for a tank solution for your new F650GS. I am riding a F650 (1995) with a 27l-Acerbis tank. The average fuel consumption (95 octane) is at 5.0-5.5l per 100km thus giving me a range of about 450-500km.

A friend of mine just travelled from Argentina to Ecuador on her F650GS consuming between 3.5l and 4l per 100km giving her a range of about 425-500km. This should be sufficient for 99% of the area you are going to cover. Moreover, she did not have any problems with her bike adjusting to high altitudes!

Well, I also climbed up to 5,270m with mine!

Cheers, d
Official Ambassador for UNICEF NZ www.2-mad.com

Jeremy Andrews 25 Oct 2001 00:45

Hi Dirk -

I just checked out your site - it's great, and I wish you guys an eventful trip.

On the tank subject for the F650 GS PD, I cant use the Acerbis 27l option , as the tank on the GS PD is fake, the real one lying beneath the seat. The only option I can see is still the touratech one worth 2,400 DM!

If the fuel economy is correct on the GS PD as you describe, perhaps I'll just wing it on the standard tank, and buy a 5 litre plastic tank when the need arises.

The next question I have however - is regarding the Cat converter. If I do use leaded fuel I understand the converted will be stuffed - but does that create any problems ? - I mean can the bike still function normally when the converter is stuffed ?



Stephencar 27 Dec 2008 11:48

Hi I am doing a similar trip in Dec 09. Do you have any tips please?

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