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Dalbir 7 Jul 2002 23:13

Singapore to Dublin
Hi everyone,

I am currently planning a trip from Singapore thru Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Tibet, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and some way thru to Dublin by late May or early June 2003. Plan to leave around Feb 2003. China may be a problem and i would like to hear from anyone who has travelled through legally. Also does anyone know where i could find maps of these countries?
Thanks and all the best

italjet 3 Aug 2002 09:22

Hi i'm Leon from Singapore too.Currently i'm in Virginia and will be returning back to Singapore in about 3 months time.Would be planning for a wacky rtw on my italjet dragster 180 if possible.Have tried all the way to Thailand not too far back for a self planned charity ride for the ST CHILDREN'S POCKET MONEY FUND.Anyway i would like to get some info. when you hit the roads in 2003.Wishing you all the best in advance.Ride safe.

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