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kyokus72 27 Mar 2012 11:04

simpson desert australia
Hi my name is Patrick, I have been planing a trip across the Simpson Desert French line from west to east, I am looking for a travel buddy to do the trip with or even join a group. I'm planing to do it over Easter, I live in Melbourne, I have a DR650 fully set up for the trip,Please call me on 0419284206.I plan to ride up to mt dare 2 .5 days ride then cross the simpson 2 to 3 days then back to melbourne via sydney maybe not to sure these are only guide lines . it would be unsuported i have a 12 liter fuel bladder 12 liter water bladder 32 liter fuel tank on the bike this will get me over the simpson .I think it is wise to do it in at least a pair in case of a problem


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