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SandyM 2 Nov 2004 22:55

SE Asia, Dec - Mar, starting in Kuala-Lumpur
Our Land Rover is aboard its ship (touch wood) to Malaysia, and we will be clearing it in mid December (touch wood again!). We are planning to spend around 3 - 4 months travelling around Malaysia,Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Anyone else planning to be there around that time?

We're getting visas (British and Irish) in K-L, Bangkok, or at borders.

Our email address is as per profile.

Safe travelling,

Michael & Sandy

llanelli 7 Nov 2004 02:08

We're flying into Singapore next week with our bikes and travelling through Malaysia to Thailand and then to the UK. Maybe we'll catch upalong the way!!

Andrew and Wendy

Rik Blocksidge 18 Nov 2004 17:39

Hi Michael & Sandy

I'm back in Bangkok!

After a few weeks brake in the Uk!

I will go into Cambodia through Trat south west Thailand & pick Changeling (My 1083 R80Tic BMW!) up in Koh kong, than may go to the beachs in south Cambodia (Sukin vill sorry about poor spelling, I am dyslexic!! )

The email is not good in Koh Kong & very costly @ B360 a hour, not like Chiang Mai at B20 per hour with air con!! So there may be a time when I can not pick email up! Sukin Vill has good email & Pong Pen (sorry!)

Some of the roads in Loas are not good, so can be a lot of fun on a fat BMW!! But with four wheels well!!

Theres a OZ called Dave?, he lives in Chiang Mai, has web sight www.gtrider.com I think, he has made a good map of loas for bikes & some books, look in book shops for the maps there red & yellow @ B175!!

I did look at cross from Cambodia in to Laos, but it was raining & the roads were very bad on the Cambodia side, just about every thing goes by boat, I had a price of $250, so gave up on the idea!!

From Koh Kong the "high way" is ok but just a made up sand road for a 100 miles, with four home made ferries, all good fun, but don't use the bike ferries, push your way on to the car ferries!! I wait untill a few cars are on than just ride down the center & refuse to get off, cost for both ferries $1.00!!! It should be B30, for one bike & two people, but we always get over charged!!

From Preat (sorry!) to Sirip!! For Ankok wait, you must go!! Again made up sand road, but may be only for @ 40 miles, but most of the road is ok, takes @ three hours to mike the trip on a fat BMW! The bridges are in very poor condition, one had a sheet missing, I could have put Changeling throgh the hole!!

Have you been up to Pai? Grate road & it's cooler up there!! Look for a GH run by a Swiss man & his Thai wife, their in the main street, opp the Bank, he makes & sellls hammocks & rents out two stroke off road Kaws. He let me use his work shop!!

Ride Free, ride safe, Ride one more mile,


SandyM 17 Dec 2004 15:50

We arrived in KL on Tue AM, and by Wed PM we had our vehicle out of its container and cleared through customs! So far, a thumbs up for Malaysia...

Now we are in the Cameron Highlands, enjoying the cooler climate. Heading up to Thailand via Penang over the next few days, but no fixed plans.

Hopefully we'll meet a few HUBB users on the road!

Keep safe,

Michael & Sandy...

David and Cheryl Laing 18 Dec 2004 17:44

Tomorrow we leave samui Island and head to Ranong on the south west coast of Thailand. Need to pop into Burma to renew our visas so will be there for 2 days. Then we will head north to Kanchanburi (Bridge on River Kwai) Andrew and Wendy may catch up with us there also.
From there will head up the Thai Burma border to the north. After Chang mai will go to laos for however many days. E mail us direct if you want to meet up.
Make sure you visit Ao Nang, the beach area of Krabi in Sthn Thailand.
Andrew and Wendy must be somewhere near where you are or may have just crossed into Thailand. They will proberbly go to Ao nang.

SandyM 1 Jan 2005 19:54

Just to let people know that we are ok after the tsunami - we got a bit wet, but unharmed (even Nyathi).

Hope our fellow posters are OK too - please let us know.


Michael & Sandy

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