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Flo-Berlin 2 Nov 2011 20:00

San Francisco 22.11.11 to Chile
Hy There!

On 22 i pick up my motorcycle on San Francisco.I then plan to go Panama and cross Darien Gap to South America.
Is anyone in the Area or on the same Trip.I lost my Co-Pilot and dont want to travel alone.

Hondaxl for details...

HaChayalBoded 5 Nov 2011 00:17

Hi, a friend and I are looking into the same route and more or less the same time line. We, however will be coming from NYC. Our current plan is to blow through the states and Mexico. Our goal is to make it to Salvador, Brasil for the new Years party.

Cruise 5 Nov 2011 05:47

Maybe ahead of you.
I'm leaving Milwaukee tomorrow.
Heading south on the Gulf side to meet the Pan Am in El Salvador and down toward Tera Del Fuego.

I also intend to beat through the US and Mexico quickly, but I'm not sure yet, how fast that will turn out to be.
Hope we can meet up.


global71 22 Nov 2011 06:35

i am flying into forteleza brazil and riding to bahia. anyone doing a similar est brazil coastal trip?


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