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Landerstow 11 Jul 2012 16:46

Round the World - Northern Hemisphere only - starting in May 2013
There's three oldish codgers who are going to go around the World starting in May 2013.
To read more about the trip, and the 3 stooges, please visit www.joatmoa.com and click on the 'Round the World' link at the top.
All 3 of us will be on air-cooled, solo, bikes and we are all experienced long distance travellers.
If you are interested, and you have an air-cooled bike, contact me on my e-mail address which is on the website 'Contact Us' link. I'm Andy.
We won't carry "dead-wood". Anyone interested must be ready to help out with the logistics. We believe we have a novel way of getting from Magadan to Alaska but it's not quite finalised so we're not going to let on what it is yet.
I met some wonderful people on my trip last year to Mongolia and I hope to be able to visit some of them on the way round next year.
I live in Ivybridge, Devon, which will be the starting point but we will be doing a 'prologue trial' to Land's End, the day before we leave.

You don't have to be experienced at long distance stuff, just be willing to do your share and we'll take you along with us.

Cheers for now.

Tomos 11 Jul 2012 21:18

I have Pm'd you

Landerstow 2 Aug 2012 07:44

Temporary glitch
I'm out of the UK at the moment enjoying a motorcycling holiday in Spain and France. To all those that have responded to this post I will be back in the UK after the 8th Aug.

MOGGY 16 Aug 2012 23:47

Hello Andy

Give me a kick when you get back.

John (the urban spaceman)
Does Bat Man wear John Pyjamas? I'd like to think so.

Landerstow 5 Sep 2012 07:21

The 4th Team member
The 4th and final team member to our gang has been picked from the 4 candidates.

Ulf Muller has age on his side (a lot younger than the 3 old codgers) and a low mileage XT600. There will be more about him on our website shortly - Bikers Abroad - Fools venturing forth on motorbikes.

Thank you to those of you that applied and I wish you well for your own adventures.

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