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Allanawilson 27 Dec 2009 12:46

Riding Buddy For 2010
I am new to this touring stuff. I am planning a trip to Europe, like to go to poland and some of the eastern counties. I live in Elgin on the moray coast of scotland, and would like to find some people in the area who would be intrested, so we can do ride outs and get the bikes ready for the summer trip. I will be riding an Honda XR400.
My email is

If you fancy this, or some other ride outs in my area, get in touch..

Allan :funmeteryes:

spooky 27 Dec 2009 13:57

well a mate of mine from Glouster/UK and I from Germany are doing our 3rd trip to Scandinavia next year in May/June.

May mate used to ride his XR250, for next year he takes a XR650L which he just bought a few month ago, I will take my old trusty LC4 640 again.

the best way to hit the north/eastern continent would be Harwich/UK to Esbjerg in Denmark.... (may Hull/UK in your case coming from Scotland) well we are going for two weeks to Sweden before my mate has to go back for work, I on the other hand will join up with another German guy after that mid June in south Sweden, carrying on to ride further to see the Baltic countries for some more weeks.... riding back down to Poland, Berlin, Duesseldorf on country lanes only.

so in case you are around at mid May to end June... well make up your mind.

by the way... we travel very lightweight with soft bags like 65Lt to 75Lt rucksacks with no more than 25Kg on weight strapped on to the parcel carrier, wild camping where possible, travelling speed around 30mph to 65mph and no more than 200miles a day.


Allanawilson 27 Dec 2009 21:33

Hi Spooky,,

mate take u up on that, I work overseas, 28 away 28 home, so i need to check my rota and see the dates... But it sounds cool...


Rory799 3 Jan 2010 19:14

Hi mate, I’m from Lewis and do a bit of touring.
Have been to Belgium, France, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal in 2007.
Went to Holland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep. in 2008, and Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland last year

We are heading for Estonia via Holland, Northern Germany, Poland .ect. in June/July 2010.
I ride a ZZR 1100, my brother has a Blackbird and the third member of our crew rides a Fazer 600.
There are few requirements they are that you are a competent rider with a full license, continental experience not necessary

If you are interested in joining us drop me an e-mail at rory799@yahoo.co.uk.

5 Eyes 3 Jan 2010 20:56


Im living in Southern Ireland but I know your area well, I used to work up in Skye one time.
planning to head to The NordKapp in Norway around June /July and I'll be crossing uk. You're welcome to join all or part of the way :welcome:

Selous 5 Jan 2010 11:12


Originally Posted by spooky (Post 269288)
Harwich/UK to Esbjerg in Denmark.... (may Hull/UK in your case coming from Scotland) spooky

I live near Harwich 10 min from the Docks so if anyone is coming from a distance they can either doss on my sofa or put a tent up in my very long garden I have off road parking (where i park my bike as well) in fornt of my front door 4 the bike.
This is an offer to pepole who Ride & Pillion, my way of putting something back into biking.

Thefastone 9 Jan 2010 20:12

Hiya boys how long do u plan to be away for, i like fast touring

Rory799 10 Jan 2010 19:13

Usualy about 3 weeks


redcoat 11 Jan 2010 14:52

My UK base is Prestyn in Wales, but that is immaterial. I have a CB400T, a step up from the 200twin I went, 2 up, to Italy on last year. Would you consider doing a circle route with the far end being Istanbul (I really want to be able to brag that I have stepped on Asia)? And back through greece and the top of Italy?

redcoat 11 Jan 2010 14:56

Idiot, I meant CD200 T, and now i can't fix it...

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