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KLR Andy 5 Apr 2005 12:06

Prudhoe Bay Alaska 1June
Hi all,

Leaving from San Diego Califoria for Prodhoe Bay on 1 June and would welcome a riding partner(s) for any or all of the trip.Anyone with similar plans?

Namron 5 Apr 2005 23:46

If you look under Travellers Seeking Travellers you will find a fair number of members going to Alaska this year!

Depmodeche 5 Apr 2005 23:58

Hello to you,

I'm leaving Philly in mid-may, riding up through Michigan (crossing the Mac, and then heading up to Alaska, via North Dakota and Montana, then into Canada. I'll be arriving in Fairbanks on June 1st. I hope to to ride the Dalton at least up to the Arctic Circle.

I'll be on a black Kawasaki Nomad with a tour pak on it, and I'll be in Alaska for about two weeks.

I'm sure I'll see you, after all, Alaska isn't very big, is it?


Turtlevet 13 Apr 2005 21:32

I am planning a sililar trip for the 1st of june leaving from Dallas.
Maybe we can meet in Seattle or on the road.
How many miles per day are you planning? What about the route?


KLR Andy 14 Apr 2005 12:49

I plan on crossing into Canada at Osoyoos on rt 97 to 24,16, 37 to the Alaska highway to Fairbanks then up the Dalton hwy to Pruhoe Bay.Im running on a pretty tight time table of 21 days so I need to average about 400 miles per day by my estimate(but will try to get to the border as fast as possible so I can slow down a bit to enjoy the sights in CA and AK) How fast do you plan on riding up? We might be able to meet someplace on the road. From what I can gather their will be a fair number of people heading north in june so I have good feeling about meeting some riders along the route.Keep in touch and maybe we can meet up.


Turtlevet 14 Apr 2005 21:49

I have a month or so (4-5 weeks). I was planning around 3-400 m per day with some days of rest in between at major attractions like yellowstone etc...
Where can I find camping info for Alaska and canada? Also what gear are you planning to carry along?

It would be cool to meet and ride at least some of the trip together(especially the alaska hwy and the road to prudhoe) but I do not know if the timetable coincide.
When exactly are you planning to leave?


Turtlevet 14 Apr 2005 21:50

1st of june.... Duh... it was on your 1st post.. hehe

KLR Andy 16 Apr 2005 04:18


For camping info in British Columbia try www.camping.bc.ca, it seems to have a very good list of camp sights.In Alaska I just plan to camp were ever is convenient,from what I understand you can pretty much camp were you like.I can send you my list of equipment if you would like to see how it compares to yours.I try pack as light as possible to keep my KLR happy, yet still have all the essentails. I plan on being in Fairbanks by the 9th or 10th of June then going up the Dalton hwy. What type of bike are you riding? I will deffinitly keep a eye out for you as there is a good chance of us running into each other.Keep me posted on your trip planning


Depmodeche 16 Apr 2005 05:26

Hey y'all,

I'll be on a black Kawasaki Nomad with a Tour Pak on it. I'll keep a look-out for you and maybe we'll cross paths. I plan on riding the Dalton on either the 2nd or 3rd of June.

Be safe!


WorldRider 19 Apr 2005 14:14

Leaving Newport Beach on July 4th for Prudhoe... horisons at worldrider dott com if you want to connect.

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