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mblack977 18 Mar 2008 21:41

Partner wanted to ride out to Kieve and back through Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Germ
Hi im seeking a travel partner for moral support

Im a 27 year old Aussie living in the Uk and im looking for a travel partner or partners to ride out to Kiev and down to Odessa in the Ukraine. I plan to then ride across to Greece and catch the ferry to Italy. Ill get off the ferry and head from southern Italy into Slovenia and then through germany and home.

I expect to take about 3-4 weeks from 14th July to around the 5th August. At the moment i have a rough route planned out however if campanions wish to see particular places along the way id be happy to follow on any detours.

I am open to anyone joining me as it would be nice to get a small group of mixed backgrounds and ages. so if your interested feel free to email me at m.white977@btinternet.com


Wheelspin 26 Mar 2008 00:54

I might be interested in part of that, but its pretty serious mileage for a trip that long. What sort of route were you thinking of ? I've done a similar route, but the edges were Poland and Romania - so I've seen the Ukrainian border, but you are adding quite a few miles on. Its good to stop and relax occasionally :)

Nigelrojo 8 Apr 2008 20:03

Ukraine trip
I would be interested in this trip but unfortunately the dates would be a problem for me. I can't get off work until 7 August; I have then got nearly 4 weeks off.
I went from UK to Romania & Ukraine on my 1100GS in 2005. As long as you are prepared to blast across France & Germany without hanging about (and take it relatively easy from then on), I'm pretty sure the route you describe can be done in 3 weeks without too much trouble.

mblack977 11 Apr 2008 18:41

over ambitious
sorry for the late reply ive been in poland the last week

i managed to get away over the easter break and drive from krakow to poprad in slovakia. I used google earth to figure driving distances and also time to get there. I found that google earth takes no account of road condition and the 2 hour trip outlined by google earth took me five hours of solid driving on rough roads (marked as highways on google earth).

Taking this into acount ive decided to skip the ukrain and long haul it across to poland then ride down to Greece taking in a couple of days in Budapest and also two days in Sophia before getting down to Thesolonika and riding to the coast to catch the ferry to Italy. in italy its up the coast to Slovenia then through Germany home. Im looking to take about 25 days. shame about the clash of dates Nigelrojo.

If anyone is interested id love to have you along. Its goin to be somewhat like the odd couple as at the moment its a 27 year old Aussie who loves a nice steak and a 43 year old Sikh who is a vegetarian. Itll be interesting i guess

send me an email if you are interested

regards matt

mblack977 11 Apr 2008 19:25

Google Earth
I found this tool on google earth and ive mapped out the trip i intent to take.

i guess it will give you a better idea of times and distances

Hi, I'd like to share a Google Maps link with you.
Link: <Google Maps>

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