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oliviervalenza 17 Mar 2005 22:27

paris to mongolia and back : via central asia mongolia russi

i plan to leave paris on may 23 2005 on an old Yamaha SR 125. will go through northern eastern europe, russia, mongolia. have to be in ulan bator on july 5 2005.
then i come back to paris via central asia (kazakhstan, kirghistan, ouzbekistan, turkmenistan), cross the caspian sea, then azerbaijan, turkey, southern europe ... paris.

i can t go to iran because i won t have a "carnet de passages en douanes".
I plan to be back in paris in october-november 2005.

any help is most welcome, especially if people have travelled like this on a small bike without a "carnet de passages en douanes".

thanx a lot in advance
hope to see you on the road
happy travels, ride safe

nb : thanx to vincent danna for his kind help to prepare this trip

DaveSmith 18 Mar 2005 12:29

Let me know how this goes. I love stories about other nuts on small bikes and scooters.


Trying to ride (and work) my way round the world on a 1965 Ducati 250cc. In New Zealand now. Japan in April. http://nokilli.com/rtw/

legall 22 Mar 2005 02:08

Salut Olivier,

I'm leaving Toulouse on an AT honda for Mongolia the 2nd of July. I plan 4 weeks to get there, then I'll stay 4 weeks in Mongolia, and finally 3 weeks to come back.
I won't go via Central Asia like you're planning to do.
So, hopefully we'll meet somewhere on the road...

Dalbir 7 Apr 2005 21:33

I will be leaving Swiss, around mid June riding to Poland and baltic states and enter Russia around 15 July and on to Mogolia and China. Hope to catch u on the way. Now trying to get my russian visa.
I'll be 2 up on a honda dommie.

straggler 6 May 2005 22:44

I recently took part in a banger rally to Uzbekistan. We drove as part of a group of old cars from the UK, through western Europe, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijian. We intended to carry on into Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan but the ferry across the Caspian was $350 each way so we turned round and headed home (most of the others were dumping their cars anyway so they carried on).

Some information if you're intending taking in some of the same countries :

Road tolls are expensive in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and (especially) Serbia. We're doing the same trip next year and will try and find a different route to avoid these tolls.

Turkish customs are a real nightmare. It took us about 2 hours to get through and they all expected bribes. They seem to take great delight in doing everything they can to make your crossing more difficult.

Georgia is perfectly safe, despite its reputation. The police are very helpful and friendly and don't ask for bribes. Same for the border crossing.

Azerbaijan - would be very wary about going back here. Police check points everywhere and the police ALL try and extract money from foreigners (except the police in Baku). One tried to "fine" us $200. We only got out of it by making a show of writing down his badge number...

Turkmenistan - those who crossed the Caspian said it took 10 hours to clear customs the other end. That night EVERY car was vandalised outside the hotel. The next night everyone slept in their cars. But it was fine once they got inland.

Would recommend going via Iran to avoid Azerbaijan and the ferry across the Caspian. Fuel is also very cheap in Iran (to be fair, it's very cheap in Azerbaijan too).

Good luck with your trip, wish I could join you.

PS Have only listed the bad points above. Apart from the authorities, everyone we met en route was friendly and helpful.

MartijnP 17 May 2005 18:57

May 16. I am now in Berlin. Heading for:


And back, through Pakistann, Iran, etc.

Let me know if anyone is around in the first list of countries during the coming 2 months.

Would be super to meet. Cheers,

Martijn on a 1100GS

Alexis 31 May 2005 01:54

i want to ride from india to cambodia with a 125 like you. I know pretty little things about mechanic and moto in general.
I wanted to know what is your recommendation, if you think the bike you used is the best for such a trip, what kind of detail you have to consider before choosing to buy your 125.
Thank you very much


Dalbir 12 Jun 2005 19:43

Hi Martijn,
I will be entering russia on 11 july and heading towards mongolia and china. Riding a dommie and 2 up. Hopefully will see u on the road.
safe journey

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