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Dirk Taalman 16 Nov 2004 05:13

Panama - Equador: Nov 25 - Dec 7
Looking for travellers going North to South on the Panamerican to make the trip from somewhere in Panama to Quitto, Equador in the last week of November, first week of December.

Currently we are a party of three: one KTM 625 and two small Honda 50's. It would be nice to meet up with some more travellers to make the trip together. Boat or plane.

Also if you have crossed from Panama recently and you have good information please let us know!

Homer Susan 20 Nov 2004 21:37

You wouldn't be travelling with el alemano Rassmus (KTM) would you? Tell him I said hi. We met when I ran out of gas right outside of Prudo Bay last June.

I do wonder what he is doing with two honda 50s? no offense or anything.... but he is pretty keen on his KTM if you haven't noticed. Anyway if you end up on the Venezuela side of the continent, stop in for rest. Rassmus has my email.

Dirk Taalman 20 Nov 2004 22:27

Hey there Susan,

Indeed we are and we have experienced Raz´s love for the bike from day one. He even wants to be buried with it! Crazy German.

Thanks for the invite. For now it looks as if we are going straight to Quitto, but if plans change we will be in touch.

You can check out our adventures with Raz and the little Honda´s on www.honda50.cc The site will be updated over the coming days.

Happy riding,


Homer Susan 25 Nov 2004 02:05

Thanks for the reply. Great website. It looks like you are having too much fun on those bikes of yours and now I understand why el alemano has joined you.

Twintraveller 1 Dec 2004 23:08

HI Dirk, it seems as it u are rushing thru the Americas. I hope all is well. We are leaving the US in about 10 days to celebrate x-mas in San Felipe, Baja. Say hello to Rasmus. Wish u all the best and let us know how u shipped over to Quito.

THanks Martin and Katja
The Twintraveller

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