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jez 26 Jul 2001 06:39

oz short trip
Anyone interested in Birdsville and Oodenata[!] tracks early Aug 2001[very soon].or doing Cape york early sept2001 [soon]?
i have been advised not to tackle these routes solo,although traffic should be relatively busy at these times.
Any advice on above also appreciated,as i'm new to desert/motorbike travelling
Many thanks

benwright 1 Aug 2001 18:04

Hi Jez,
I've not long come back from a trip to Cape York. This is the second run to the top for me now. Both times I went by myself. 90% of the time there are other bikes out and about as well. I've posted a few photo's at http://home.austarnet.com.au/benwright/
I made a stuff up with dpi of the photos and they are large files and slow to down load, so apologies in advance.
Any questions you have I will try to answer.
Cheers Ben

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KEN HART 17 Aug 2001 04:23

I have tried the trip two time so far, first time I did not complete trip, 2nd time I did and spend 3 nights at very top at a primitive camp site area. I traveled alone on a KTM and carried all that I needed (about 80lbs)to do trip and maintain bike. It is not difficutl to do as there are alot of other riders and lots of cars, truck etc! Oh! lot of deep sand and some deep rivers also.
I will not be in Australia till late september or early October or I would join you. Thanks

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