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Goose 17 Dec 2000 19:16

overland to OZ
My girlfriend and I are in the early stages of planning an overland trip to Australia, aiming to leave June/July 2001. Route is likely to be Europe, N.Africa, Middle East, India, Thailand then somehow to OZ.

We've both travelled extensively as backpackers and also done Melbourne to Darwin on a DR650.

We're looking to find others with similar ideas and itinary to travel in a group.

Our plans are currently at the embryo stage so don't be shy in contacting us.

pil 1 Jan 2001 22:17

We are planning a similar trip, with
a departure date of end of July 2001, from UK to OZ, via Eastern Europe, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia - OZ, and money permitting N.Z. 2 up on R100GS. We would enjoy meeting up with other travellers en route for a day, a week, or longer. We've been planning the trip for over 6 months now, so we have plenty of info., that we are willing to pass on. Anyone welcome to contact us.

Antony K 6 Mar 2001 02:54

Hi there
Also planning a trip from UK to India and then on to Australia (maybe) and then back to UK via South Africa and East Africa route. I'm planning to go in early May 2001 but this is still subject to change, taking about 6 months. Just started to prepare an Africa Twin but I'm a hopeless mechanic! If the dates coincide let me know.

Sam Rutherford 29 Mar 2001 11:46


I may be able to help. I led WWW.LSOEXPED.COM

give me a call...


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