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McGuffie 28 Sep 2005 05:42

Overland Around the World
Co-Driver required

Depart U.K 16.12/05 fly to the Gambia
Rendezvous with vehicle left here last winter,. Carry out service and repairs.
Drive to Tidjukja in Mauritania (3 days) Drive the remote desert section to Timbuktu (8/10 days). subject to progress/time flexible route to Cameroon - expected mileage 5000. Find secure parking - return flight to U.K approx 5 weeks later. Cost involved. Interested contact alastmcguf@aol.com


rickx 5 Nov 2005 04:36

Hi, I am riding a BMW GS650 Dakar from Senegal to Cape Town starting the beginning of December. The trip will take 6-8 weeks via Mali and Burkina Faso to Ghana and then down the west side. Perhaps we can hook up on the way to Cameroon.


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