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damandaz 15 Oct 2003 03:27

off in 2 days from Lon to SA
finaly leaving on my trip home to South Africa from London, via east africa. would be good to meet up with any fellow overlanders along the way. drop us an email if anyone's keen to meet up along the way. Rout: Tunisia,Libya,Egypt,Sudan and east all the way dawn.

Galloping Gazza 17 Oct 2003 05:24

Hi Damadaz, have a good trip and maybe catch you up in east/south africa somewhere.
Myself, MJC(xr 650l-red,white-ish) and tyler(ktm 640 adv-black & blue-ish) are about to depart to Africa doind the west coast first the across to the east then south.....slowly.
Leaving about the 28 th,
Cheers Gazza ,white ktm 640 adv.

Ride hard,ride safe- Ride on...with no regrets of life passed by.

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