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Andrew White 24 Feb 2012 20:11

Middle eastern border crossing - Anybody else out there

Doing an overland trip in a 4WD mitusbishi Delica (2800 Turbo Diesel), leaving in end of April. Through europe,turkey,iran,pakistan,india,nepal,china,laos ,thailand,malaysia,indonesia, timor, australia.

Have allocated about 3 weeks for europe. 1-2 weeks in turkey. So that should mean i get to the iran border (dogubeyazit) near the end of May beginning of june. From there i have allocated 1 week in Iran, making my way south to the pakistan border and the taftan crossing... After heading for Quetta and Lahore. Have allocated myself 4-5 days. This will take me to middle of june. I then cross into india have a couple of weeks there (although would love to squeeze some extra days out of middle east or europe, to spend more time in india) but i need to be in kathmandu for around the 2nd of July when my NAVO tour starts (the zhangmu-china through tibet and up to Xian/Xining then down exiting at mohan-laos)

Was wondering there is anybody out there want to convoy for the Iran, Pakistan crossings. Just travelling on my ace, so figured might be better to do these crossings in a group.

Let me know guys

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