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BrianMcC 26 Oct 2012 04:46

Mexico - Nov. 22-24

I'm starting a Toronto to B.A. trip in late October. Hope to be crossing into Mexico approx. November 22-24 (or before that in US as well, though not sure when I will be where!), if anyone is interested. I'm riding a F650GS (Single). Cheers.


klred 2 Nov 2012 21:01

KLR Mexico Noember 20

I am driving my KLR to Austin Texas to watch the Formula 1 race on Nov 18.

I would like to cross into Mexico towards either Monterrey or Saltillo in the direction of Belize. But I am flexible-I have to be home (Victoria BC) for Xmas.

Let me know if this is close to your plans.

livinincostarica 3 Nov 2012 00:47

Traveling from Seattle, Mexico to Costa Rica...
Heading South from Seattle in the next week or so should be at the border of Mexico around the same times .... Riding all the way to Costa Rica... Anyone else?

BrianMcC 8 Nov 2012 04:04

Hey KLRed - that should work, I was thinking of crossing at Laredo. My trip start was delayed however, so might be a little later than Nov. 22-24, more like Nov. 26-28th. Keep in touch ... Brian

BrianMcC 8 Nov 2012 04:09

Hey LivinInCostaRica - I'm going all the way to Panama. Would be happy to meetup. When do you think you will get to the Mexican border? Cheers ... Brian

pemi44 9 Nov 2012 01:16

i am planning on san antonio around 28th i am very flexible hope i can join someone for of your trip if date work out i an shipping my bike to texas this week from newhampshire

norschweger 17 Nov 2012 08:14

Mexico next
finally on my way towards Mexico
Hi folks!
After some months of "detours" : ) all over BC, Yukon and Alaska I am now in Colorado and thinking about the further way towards South America (Ushuaia)
-which direction should I aim at, considering border crossing and places to go to?

Maybe no bad idea to hook up for a while...

Do you have experience considering the following:
-the TVIP: my bike is registred in Canada, using the adress of friends, but I am German. I do have the Canadian insurance papers with my name and the mentioned Canadian adress, but no title (maybe it is at my friends`place by now- I will ask). Could that be a problem?
-this insurance expires in december. Does that play any role considering that I want to get a Mexican one anyway?
any suggestions which one to take?

I am looking forward to any helpful answers!
Thanks a lot!

Gsswede 19 Nov 2012 21:25

Going South
Got my bike in Toronto. Leaving 5th dec. Planes are to cross the Mexican border around 10th-12th dec some where. Heading all the way down.
wouldn´t mind some company couple of days through Mexico.:mchappy:

cyberbiker 21 Nov 2012 11:46

Reno, California Coast and Mexican Coast to Central America
I'll be headed down the Californian coast on 27 November, then the Mexican Pacific coast to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Once in Guat, I'll plan the rest around Central America, though this will probably be the general route.

I plan to reach South Padre Island for Spring Break in late February then head back to Reno in late April.

livinincostarica 23 Nov 2012 16:55

Leaving Dallas lookin for riders thru Mexico to costa rica...

livinincostarica 23 Nov 2012 17:17

Where u at now? I'm in Dallas... Crossing border any time soon?

livinincostarica 23 Nov 2012 17:31

Crossing into Mexico...
Hey pemi44 how long until you will be in San Antonio?

livinincostarica 24 Nov 2012 02:41

Hey pemi44 when do u plan to cross the border? I'd be willing whenever u are...

pemi44 24 Nov 2012 15:04

Hey livinincostarica i am in new Hampshire shiped my bike to san antonio should be there this week i plan to fly down like friday and leave on saturday

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