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Ethan Applegarth 12 Jun 2009 23:22

Mexico end of July
Hey friends!

I'm planning a trip on my Vulcan 500 LTD from California to Hermosillo and Mexicali around mid-August. (Yes, I've edited this post. =)) I'll be on the road for a week and hoping to travel with some cool, adventurous people at least past of the way. Anyone interested in having a travel partner? Check out my older blog under 'Ethan Applegarth' in traveller stories.

SHOESTRING BUDGET--I'm going to grad school for Latin American security policy by August 20th, so this will be a short jaunt filled with beaches, bars, and guerrilla camping on a shoestring budget. I've written a book of poetry and speak good Spanish, know about engines a little and have lived in South America for a year and a half. I'm looking for someone to go with for the added fun and security. Anyone up?

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