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Travellers Seeking Travellers Meet up with other travellers on the road, or find someone to travel with to the ends of the earth!
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Old 16 Jan 2006
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Keep at it Dave. I met my first wife when she advertized for someone to travel cross country by motorcycle. We ended up going to newfoundland and back to washington state and stayed together for 12 years. Unfortunately traveling by motorcycle was about the only time we really got along. Talk to lots of people just like you are doing on this thread, there are a fair number of couples traveling out there so there is hope for you.
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Old 16 Jan 2006
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Hey Dave, you have 30 replies and 30 different opinions. Why on earth would you want to travel with a member of the opposite sex. Pump the tyres Dave, fix the speedo dave, pitch the tent Dave, why can't we stay in a nice hotel Dave? You never listen to me Dave,
Jeeesus Dave if you have the opportunity bugger off alone....ASAP.

I would if I could....
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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This is a very amusing post. I got married to someone who I thought was the perfect travelling partner, only to find out his travelling days were over if it meant sleeping away from a hotel. This is a variation of a theme I hear repeated often by my girlfriends, and other women on the road. However, it seems a number of men on this post are the more adventuresome type, and have difficulty finding adventuresome ladies. So why aren't these two LARGE groups of singles getting it together?? I wonder if maybe the real problem is people doing this kind of thing march, drive or ride to a different drummer? I mean let's face it, we're a small portion of the population. Those who are 'out here' are probably fairly independent and have a specific travel/life agenda. And have specific requirements about who their travel partners should be.

As much as I'd love to travel with a partner, going solo means you get your way ALL the time. It also means you do all the work, and make all the decisions. Until you meet up with others on the road, which you always do. I've decided what's most important, is to get out there. This would be fun to discuss in person with anyone who's in Central America!

www.LorraineChittock.com All Over the Map - Radio & Travel Books www.facebook.com/lorraine.chittock
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Mate, just hire em when you stop, much cheeper and no emotional attachment, remember your bike comes first.
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Gee Dave, have you ever been to New Mexico? I'm certainly in the majority of single women who love long distance travel. Maybe cuz this state is so full of promising road trips and lots of sunshine. Having accomplished a couple of Saddle Sore 1000 (1000 miles in 24 hours) I'm not afraid of distance riding. Accomplished women riders here get points and nods of approval from male riders. We're no different than men--still gotta work, feed the kids, mow the grass, get the bucks to pay the gas, before we can head off down the highway. Wish you luck finding some young thang to plop on the pillion. Kudos to Lorraine. I, too, would rather ride my own. Even with a companion.
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Have you tried Women's International Motorcycle Association.
These are women interested in motorcycle travel and they have branches all over the world.
Go (Men allowed only as an Invitee) to one of their meetings) and probably you might get lucky :-)
Best luck
RED Bull

Red Bull
Ride safe, ride far, ride often,,,...
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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I would look on the road. I am sure there are plenty of backpackers on the road who would love to give up traveling on buses and trains to jump on the back of a motorcycle. With you, of course!

The adventurous types you are looking for are already out there travelling. This is where you should look.

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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Lorraine, your approach definitely strikes a chord.
There seem to be a fair few of us, of both genders, who wouldn't mind some company on the road, but would also like to maintain that level of independance that sometimes takes so long to comfortably find a way to achieve. I'm not saying we have to be scouring the bush to find someone who is willing to be shower-free for weeks, but someone with an adventurous spirit who would be willing to settle for a tent rather than a hotel would suffice (hopefully someone who also convinvces you, once in a while, that a roof and real sheets for a couple of nights will be a fabulous idea).

Dave, I reckon you need to find yourself a nice littl' lady who is on her own bike. That way if you two have had enough of each other you can continue on your own paths, or meet up again when the dust has settled

I think Lorraine is onto something though: the single adventurers should sort themselves out! Not all of us always want to compromise all the time, but there definitely are some days when you are tired, frayed, and hungry and you really really just want someone else to decide 'left' or 'right'.
If you don't have bugs in your teeth, you haven't been grinning enough!
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Sorry, WIMA is not an option in Europe: the majority are lesbians. In any case, it's a catch-22: only your partner can get you to their meetings.

Europe to NZ 2006-10
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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The main problem here in my opinion is not the bike bit. In my experience 90% of people idea of a good holiday is Package/beach/all organised/family type of hols. Not many people are interested in moving around from place to place, with nothing pre-booked months in advance. Most people in couple I know have had to compromise on holidays with their other half. So first problem is to find the 10% people interested in that sort of holiday. Then insert the option of biking. People with experience back packing (i.e. travelling independently) around the world would be more interested in moving around by their own means (bike/WD4) because it is such a hassle (and waste of time) to move around in most countries (highly unreliable/inexistent painfully slow trains/buses etc). I think it's easier to convince someone who love that sort of holiday to do their bike test or be pillion than to convert a beach addict/leisure biker into a bike traveller! I started travelling long before I even thought of doing my test!
Enjoy the quest!

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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Davidmc is definately on the money with his comment about backpackers!

When you tire of the 'local' theme, much short term enjoyment can be had by spending a few nights at a backpackers. Generally as the solo motorcyclist, the bike will have already performed all the introductions you will ever need. This technique also works particular wonders anywhere in southern Africa where overland trucks congregate!

Now, as to your far more serious question about long term relationships, I think you should realise that this concept is rather incompatible with touring the world on a motorbike. It is like oil and water - they just don't mix.......
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Old 17 Jan 2006
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Originally posted by Matt Roach:
... long term relationships, I think you should realise that this concept is rather incompatible with touring the world on a motorbike. It is like oil and water - they just don't mix.......
Have to thrown in a comment on that one!

...not necessarily - there's lots of relationships have grown on the road, some have gone on to get married and have kids, (yes I could name names!) others simply continued on the better for it - and yes, indeed, others have not made it. But perhaps they wouldn't have anyway - LONG term speaking - perhaps they weren't REALLY fully compatible - sure a relationship can survive if say, one likes to travel and the other doesn't, but do you WANT a relationship that "survives"?

At least you know if you finish a round the world tour together you're likely together for the really long haul!


Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


Inspiring, Informing and Connecting travellers since 1997!
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Old 18 Jan 2006
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firstly,Im no expert!!but if you want to catch a fresh water fish,you dont take your rod to the seaside!!(sorry,not a good example)but what im trying to say is that if you want to meet the more extreme travelling kind of girl rather than two weeks on the beach,i think there is more chance meeting her on your travels or at a gathering like a H.U get-together!!
But "how to stay together and be happy" would proberly need its own website rather than another thread!!

happy hunting.

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Old 18 Jan 2006
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I reckon you are never going to meet the perfect lass 'ready made'. I'd say: Find a good example, convert about her what you can and enjoy the fact what you can't convert gives you an excuse to spend time alone with your buddies!
In the meantime, see the world, do things you really shouldn't and drink more whisky than is good for you!
That's my plan anyway!

PS: I suspect this thread has the highest number of emoticons per answer than any other. Maybe Grant can confirm!

[This message has been edited by Matt Cartney (edited 18 January 2006).]


*Disclaimer* - I am not saying my bike is better than your bike. I am not saying my way is better than your way. I am not mocking your religion/politics/other belief system. When reading my post imagine me sitting behind a frothing pint of ale, smiling and offering you a bag of peanuts. This is the sentiment in which my post is made. Please accept it as such!
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Old 18 Jan 2006
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<font face="" size="2">convert about her what you can </font>
Ha! Matt, you're a brave man! You're asking for a bashing from the ladies reading this thread!!

Dave, mate, I reckon you just need to find yourself a nice li'l lady with a bike of her own (preferably running into each other on your travels). That way, you can each spend time travelling together and can also go your own ways for a while (or longer) if you need your space back.

It's a tricky thing balancing independant travel and new companionship. I reckon Lorraine is onto something with her travel buddies

Grant, I hear ya! I met and travelled with a lovely man - the two of us spending 7 countries on the road and as many months together when we got back to the UK (visa issues put an end to that unfortunately).

I say, put the energy out there, and see what unfolds.

[This message has been edited by Shells (edited 18 January 2006).]
If you don't have bugs in your teeth, you haven't been grinning enough!
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