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pocketumbleweed 6 Apr 2010 00:47

machu pichu via moto
after a few moto difficulties, i´ve arrived to cuzco from puno. it´s monday night, tuesday i´ll be searching the town for a few moto parts. then plan on buying a machu pichu ticket for friday, departing wednesday morning from cuzco to machu pichu taking a two day mountain - valley route I just received priceless beta on. hopefully i´ll be departing agua´s calientes before 5 a.m. on friday to watch the sunrise... anyone around?


pbekkerh 6 Apr 2010 18:46

Sorry, still at home, but I would like to know how the trekking there is organised.

What is the price for trekking to Machu Pichu ?

Are you allowed to walk alone or only in organised groups ?

Any other silly rules that would make me decide to go elsewhere? ;-)

Two days ? I thought the trekking was 5 or 7 days, depending on route? Are you going up there by bike ? ;-)

Is it one long queue from Cuzco to M.P. ?

Finally: Was it worth it?

markharf 6 Apr 2010 21:33

It's worth going (IMHO) despite the crowds, and the bike route makes for good riding in its own right....subject to up-to-date information about the roads, which suffered a lot during the January rains. Crowds should be less than normal, given the limited train access at the moment. I presume the OP knows he's not riding to Aguas Calientes, right? Unless there's a highway that's been kept secret all these years.

Information on trekking options, costs, and the various silly rules is all over the Lonely Planet Thorntree, South America branch. Start with the sticky about the floods posted on the first page, then do a search for more basics.

Hope that helps.


larrysimpson 14 Apr 2010 21:28

biking towards Machu Pichu
I just rode from Cusco most of the way to Machu Pichu. First to Urubamaba then Ollantaytambo (sp) then to Santa Maria, then Santa Theresa on very challenging road. Then leave the bike and get a ride in a collectivo to cable car, ride accross the river with two others, walk 4 km. to hydroelectric plant where the rail runs, then catch a train to aquas caliente some 8 km. or so away. Then walk up the hill to Machu Pichu (we had no guide) or take the bus. Many people walk the tracks from the hydroelectric to Aquas Caliente because of scheduling factors (and they do not let tourists on the morning trains).
The main road to Sta Theresa was closed and we took alternate scenic route which was just passable (BMW R100 GS and KLR). We crossed water running over roads that was over two feet deep.
But lots of fun. Better than taking a train full of tourists from CUsco to Machu Pichu which is what 95% of visitors do.
Lots of hostals and such in Santa Maria and Santa Theresa, and Aquas Caliente. We travelled over about 80 km of gravel/dirt roads.


swamp 27 Apr 2010 03:09

here is my write up on the same ride. it has pictures and video. should be informative for someone wanting to do this ride.

Machu Picchu 9/1/09 - 9/08/09 (completed !!)


motozen 29 Apr 2010 21:36

santa teresa
as far as i know there is a road to santa teresa, use the search engine of advrider.
Good luyck,

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