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Pryd 30 Apr 2011 09:44

London to the Temple of Doom!
The plan is from London, riding a relatively Northerly route through Europe down to Istanbul and onwards to Southern Turkey. From Mersin I want to take a ferry to Lebanon to avoid the street parties in Syria, then onwards through Israel and Jordan to Egypt. There are rumours about ferries back from Port Said to Athens, so that provides an easy way back, then following a Southerly route through Europe to London.

Leaving June 5th, for two months, aiming to ride every other day so that we can spend a day looking around the various cities we pass through. Also considering making a pact that we avoid motorways the whole way...

I'm 26, riding a ZZR600, doing the whole thing as cheaply as possible, camping where it's nice, hostels where it's not, and generally having a fun adventure before I start a new job in August. Want to come?

docsherlock 30 Apr 2011 15:15

I think you might have trouble getting into Israel from Lebanon as the two countries are pretty much at war.

maja 1 May 2011 22:12

Egypt and Jordan with an Israeli stamp in your passport might be fun. Syria is magic and with a dual entry visa you can go in and out of Lebanon. Ride safe.

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