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billyedit 26 Oct 2011 01:00

London to Istanbul
Hi I'm setting off to Istanbul from London at the end of October, no route really planned (roughly Germany, Croatia, Albania, Grease) and returning end of November with no route planned either! Any one want to join me on any part please do! Its my first big trip...!:mchappy:
(Any tips on camping at this time of year in any of the above Countries more than welcome but I will post in the relevant forum too)


UKAdventureRider 9 Jun 2012 18:15


I'm doing this trip next month (Jul 12). Any tips on the route down there? I'm keen to go direct and then take circuitous route back.


Antwan 13 Jun 2012 14:19

I think the best way is Albania for travelling. It is a very safe journey for you. Also you can find more adventures and lots of fun from this rout.

zerby 14 Jun 2012 13:01

Also doing a similar trip, from Paris, but leaving mid-August.
Was thinking Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria on the way there and Grece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy on the way back.
Don't have any more details at this point in time though, still have to check roads, borders, accomodation etc.. Hopefully more info in the next few weeks, will check here if anyone has suggestions :)

p4jk 2 Aug 2012 14:48

I am from Slovenia and live in the village, if you contact me on PM I'll give you tips about where to sleep in Slovenia, maybe even some for Croatia.
You could as well come for a beer (but bring german one, our is terrible :))
mitjapajek yahoo co uk

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