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Onikun81 30 Jun 2011 00:59

London - San Petersburg
Anyone up for it?

I'm going on my Ural sidecar ( .........) and will take my 7 good days for it.
Depart 10 July, arrival...unknown. 400km a day is plenty on that machine
and for instance, right now, the bike is still without alternator. Will sleep in dodgy campsites, drink and smoke a lot. If things go real bad will kill myself slowly with a CO2 pistol.

I actually believe it is more of a suicidal attempt. Emos welcome xD

TonyK78 7 Jul 2011 19:29

Hi! If you need tech.help with you bike in SPb - Ask me. Sorry for my bed english.
Beware girls, save petrol.;)

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