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POB/London 23 Jan 2003 22:06

Hello everyone: A place has become available on the expedition we have planned to circumnavigate the Mediterranean. The route goes through some amazing places!

We aim to leave London (heading for the Genoa boat) in late August 2003. You are welcome to join for some / all of the route, which is on the website:


There will be a Tenere (3AJ) and one other bike, and we're pretty chilled out, planning to take about 4 months for the trip.

There are more details on the site, but there is a small amount of sponsorship available (mainly products to evaluate).

I am planning the trip, and am based in London. Please get in touch either through the site or on PanMed2003 AT hotmail DOT com.

The website will be hosted by the charity Riders for Health (www.riders.org) for whom we are raising money. If you didn't want to do this, you wouldn't have to.

We'd just like a cool travelling buddy!

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hanleyalan 6 Feb 2003 20:00

Planning to head Tunisia/Algeria/Lybia late Summer, you sound as though your leaving a little early, daytime temp. etc. would love to accompany for part/all of trip.

POB/London 7 Feb 2003 21:35

Thanks very much for the reply! I have a bit of a dilemma, as I had planned to travel south and return via Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia / Serbia. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought through that these areas are *really* cold in November / December, with snow on the road. Although this isn't a problem in itself, it may prove troublesome to pack the necessary gear alongside Saharan stuff...

So, I was thinking of going the other way? Heading out via Turkey, through Syria and Jordan into Egypt and then Libya, Tunisia, Algeria (detour to visit the Hoggar and Tam), Tunisia and Italy. This will mean that we get the milder autumn in Europe and the Saharan "winter", when water consumption will be much less.

Would you still be interested in going the other way? I haven't decided for certain yet, but it's looking likely. Concerns re: heading into the most gruelling section at the end are a consideration.... If we go out through Turkey I think there are several others we can go with / meet (Omar?), so it might be more interesting? http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

What do you think?

jondoe 8 Feb 2003 03:20


yes,if you are going in august and dont want to ride in snow in november/december if going anticlockwise,eastern europe(including turkey,bulgaria..) is not recomended to travel from mid october to early april!

so going clockwise makes sence.
If you want to get some idea of traveling in winter in east europe,check out HU travelers stories,the aussie couple on a Harley RTW
winter trip in Montenegro,Serbia and Croatia.

I might join you in august/september,as i mentioned earlier.



omar mansour 10 Feb 2003 06:25

hi all
i think i told you that before.
i,m from egypt,the sahara,i think to do it in august its awful.to rise in around 40 degree (thats in the shade)belive me its realy hard.you will need like 10 or 15 liter of water a day.
once i did it from alexandria(north of egypt)to sharm elshikh(south east of egypt)in july the asphalt was melted.and the bike was toover heated
somy route is france italy ,austria,hungary,romania ,bulgaria,.........to egypt,but i think i will visit serbia to meet a good friend of me,so wat you guys think about serbia,(hi vanya )hope you can see that.and hope you can come and ride with me.it will be great miss tae bo,haha
so what you think??i think it will be great to go that way all of us
also i can change my route and my time.

POB/London 10 Feb 2003 06:52

Omar - Great to hear from you again! I will email you soon...

This is looking really good, and I will update my website, with the new route. If you can, perhaps you could email me a list of places you will stop over in Europe....

I can return to the UK via the Tunis / Genoa boat.

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Alanissy 28 Mar 2003 01:20

Hi POB. I,m trying to get it together for a late summer round the med trip(tenere 3aj). V. interested in what you are doing. contact me if you are still looking for travellers

POB/London 10 Apr 2003 02:54

Dunno what's happening now, due to probs in Algeria - possibly coming back through Sudan and Egypt????



mootsie 28 Apr 2003 00:17


we (f 30, m 30) are planning our trip to north-africa/sudan/yemen-oman/iran/central asia to start in october 2003. although you write that you will start in august, maybe it fits somehow to join? we start in tunesia (ferry from genua beginning of october), then go to libya and egypt) with two bikes (honda african twin 650, honda dominator 500).
which information do you have on the entry in libya? do you need to travell with a(n expensive) guide? is it possible to enter in small groups or as individuals?

would be nice to stay in touch! greetings from austria! ulli & arthur

ps: if you pass austria on your tour back home - we can offer you some friend's houses to stay (as we then will be on the road still)


POB/London 21 Dec 2003 21:40

Hello again people. I hope everyone is well, and that your trips are going better than mine (I haven't left yet!)

The website is still not even slightly finished, as we do not have hosting or a domain yet, but things are coming along slowly:


There have also been other significant changes. Although none of the sponsors have dropped out (and some more are just coming on board) the trip has now been moved to late MARCH 2004.

Instead of the trusty Tenere, I will also be riding a new(ish) Honda XR650L, which is currently being prepared by David Lambeth. The anticipated length of the trip is 4-6 months, and I will head to Genoa, Tunisia, Libya, etc (anti-clockwise) to make the most of the Desert spring and eastern European summer.

Obviously this is not a route I can do alone. If you're easy going and relaxed, please get in touch. It would be cool to travel part of the way with others. So that you know, I'm a 25yo PhD student from London.


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