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ujamaflip 15 May 2004 09:07

Leaving London 12th July for Turkey&Greece
Anyone out there fancy driving down to Turkey for a game of backgammon this summer?

Looking for independent adventurers, who are under 35 years old and don't smell too bad. We are 2 British students one in a 4x4 and another on an Africa Twin. We want to check out early chuch sites in Turkey and it would be good to have some fellow adventurers to be able to go for a bira with.

Post here to enquire:


POB/London 15 May 2004 19:25

I will be heading the other way in August. Email me through my site and we can hook up for a bevvy or 2. I am a student from London riding an XR650L.

Of course, I will be far enough into my trip to quite possibly be over the "smell too bad" threshold....


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Biggles 16 May 2004 15:28

Hay that’s sounds like a great trip; you will have fun no doubt.
I will be in Turkey this summer on my way back to the UK from Australia on an 1150GS. I am India at the moment about to head to Pakistan.
Would love to have caught up with you as you sound very liberal minded. Shame we cant though as I am 37, but you could take my Girlfriend out as she is only 27. Please have her back by midnight, as we old one need our sleep.

All the best for your trip.


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