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explorer 3 Dec 2008 17:21

Lancashire to Ukraine june 09
Hi All, Looking for fellow riders for Ukraine beginning of June 09, route via Dover, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Rumainia and Moldovia then into Ukraine and on to Savastopol (charge of the light brigade) where accommodation is cheap and it has good beaches. Return will be eather via Kiev and Poland or across to the Adriatic and up through Dubrovnic and north to the alp's and Calais but there is no definite route and every thing is open to discussion.
I am 58 and enjoy a beer and am not into speed so please note this is a nice easy and some time's slow trip but should all be done in about 3 weeks but if it takes longer OK, hostels and low cost hotels with a little bit of camping if need be but most of all an exiting trip across Europe so come on and join up and PM me with a phone number and I'll give you a call .
safe riding

kentfallen 11 Dec 2008 18:20

Sounds interesting...

I am an old 45 year old (ex bike cop) living in Ashford (on route) toying with the same idea. How long are you proposing to tour?

Also I want to do it on my beloved Yamaha XT600E, is this likely to be a problem cos it's a big single trailee (in mint condition)? Luckily I'm no speed demon either - always happy plodding along country lanes at 40 mph and main roads at 60 mph. I can use the XBR but that's a single too.

Rather interested in the Charge of the Light Brigade too - have a look at my website!

I'm not a big drinker though.... But I am friendly and my Mrs will allow me to spend a few weeks on tour.

Let me know - clarkneil(at)hotmail.co.uk

All the best

explorer 12 Dec 2008 18:47

all are wellcome
Hi Neal, I have sent you my hone number so we can chat about it but I think we should do it all in the 3 weeks and with you being an ex police rider you will be able to stop the traffic lights for me so I don't have to stop, I was thinking of leaving Saturday 30 May and staying first night in Belgium at my friends guest house 20 Euro's per room per night ( sleeps 2 ) and doing most of Germany on Sunday when it's quiet and then getting into the Eastern bloc Monday lunch and then the fun starts.

Regards all

ken001 20 Dec 2008 18:15

Sounds a good trip
This looks like fun but do you know what sort of costs it will be, I always wanted to go to the black sea so will be in touch later and hope to be part of it.
Cheers all

Mike 22 Dec 2008 00:47

Ken, Neil

I was in Crimea a month ago -- first thing to say is, you'll enjoy the ride a LOT more in summer than I did as winter closed in. The ride from Sevastopol to UK took something like 11 days which means I'm officially even slower than you, though the occasional blizzard didn't help.

If you have any specific questions about route or Ukraine, let me know.

Neil -- the Valley of Death is now a vineyard but still intensely moving. You'll also want to track down the memorials just outside Inkerman and Sevastopol:
DSC04171.JPG on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


mikecbrxx 22 Dec 2008 13:41

Maybe interested

Originally Posted by explorer (Post 217831)
Hi All, Looking for fellow riders for Ukraine beginning of June 09, route via Dover, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Rumainia and Moldovia then into Ukraine and on to Savastopol

This sounds interesting. I'm 51, from the midlands but now living in The Hague, Netherlands so could meet up with you in Belgium or Germany.

I am looking at a longer trip for 2010 (Europe, Turkey, Iran, then north through the Stan's into Russia/Ukraine) so this would provide some useful background.

I did a Nordkapp/baltic states/Poland trip this year look at The Garbe's Website for the blog, so have some knowledge of parts of your route there and back. Would recommend Poland for the sake of visiting Treblinka and Warsaw. The former being also very 'moving'.

Perhaps we can discus offline. I can be contacted here or via my website.


Tina Francis 31 Dec 2008 17:28

Nuclear submarine works
As you are around that way please go and see the nuclear submarine maintenance depot at Balaclava. The little port here is great and you get to see the nuclear submarine maintenenace depot. Maybe I will mention it one more time!!!! It is toptastic and one of the many highlights of our trip around the baltic a couple of years ago. Did I mention there is a nuclear submarine maintenance depot there?

Have a great trip


explorer 3 Jan 2009 09:16

Glad you enjoyed it
Thanks for the info Tina glad you enjoyed it, do you have any info on accommodation in Balaclava.

Thanks again

kentfallen 4 Jan 2009 17:36

Hi Explorer,

I haven't forgot you!

I have been pretty busy since learning my partner may be quite ill :thumbdown: I won't be able to confirm until she has undergone a few more tests for throat Cancer.

I see you are intending to take your mint V-Strom. Am I likely to kill my poor single XT6 trying to keep up? I would add that I am quite happy to plod along all day at 60 mph on my beloved bike, any more and it's likely to throw a wobbler! Perhaps I'd be wiser to take my XBR500 but this is a single too...

I have about 160 miles tank range.

I'm assured by many HUBBERS that the XT6 is capable of most things including serious hardcore RTW trips. It will kick the arse of most road/sports/touring bikes on the rough stuff though. The only place it really struggles is on high speed motorways...

I am considering buying a good quality set of textile panniers and a large tail pack. The idea I have is to take a Brit army issue Gore-tex Bivi Bag and a good quality 2 season sleeping bag for emergencies. I will use 1 pannier for spare parts and tools and the other for clothing and personal items. Any ideas on where to procure these from? I don't want to spend more than about £150. I will take my coleman for brew ups and cooking too...

Are you intending to find accomodation en route or are you booking it before you go?

In my experience (on a single) 250 miles a day (6 Hours) is the max if you want to remain comfortable. The odd 500 mile day (10 hours) is Okay when you want to make quick and steady progress...

Been looking at the route on Google Earth, those Sub bases show up pretty well too. I'm very excited by the Charge of the Light Brigade aspect to the trip...

11 days to get back to the UK sort of focuses the mind and demonstrates just how far Ukraine is from the UK!

Wouldn't it be nice for a few old gits like us to meet up and have a 3 week adventure ?

What about taking my comfortable new Volvo - I could be the back-up vehicle ?

Rod2240 5 Jan 2009 15:51

Here's another old git who likes a beer looking for adventure....

If you plan to leave at the end of May/first few days of June I shan't be able to make it. (going to the Coupe-Moto-Legende in Dijon) but otherwise I'm very interested. I went to Bulgaria/Romania last year and loved it, so would be very keen to go again.
Finding a bed was never a problem by the way.

Rod (BMW 12GSA)

scottym 5 Jan 2009 18:28

Ukraine by XT600E
Dear Neil & Explorer,

me and a mate just rode across the Ukraine, (& Russia & Kazakhstan etc) on a brace of XT600E's end of last June / July 08. I can give you a lot of information if you want to call me? Especially about the things you need to look out for, the things you need to enjoy and the general scene out there. I am 47 and my mate is 54. We had a great time but there are definitely somethings to be careful of, if you want to chat give me a call 07812347705 and I'll be happy to provide you with more background info.
Avoid the little republic of Translistria in the middle of Moldova!!!! Dangerous and corrupt!!!!

mikecbrxx 6 Jan 2009 09:52


Originally Posted by scottym (Post 221534)
Dear Neil & Explorer,

me and a mate just rode across the Ukraine, (& Russia & Kazakhstan etc)

Hi scottym. Mind if I call you too? I may be making this trip in 2009 with explorer but am looking at doing a circular route in 2010...see previous post.

Would welcome any pointers for the Stan's, Russia, Ukraine....


explorer 8 Jan 2009 15:28

sorry for delay
Hi Neal
Have sent you a email explaining your concern's and I do hope your partner is fine, Scottym sorry I have not called but will do so later today 8 Jan.

Happy new year to all

steamerstimpson 9 Jan 2009 08:57

This looks fascinating, I will get there around mid July, coming up from Cambodia, will probably have missed you guys by then. Looking forward to checking out this area. Especially the sub depot, which I heard was pretty interesting... ;o) Would love more info Scotty, will go Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary into Croatia and spend the rest of summer on the Adriatic. can I send you a pm? Mick

explorer 15 Jan 2009 17:56

Hi Neal
I did PM you and also emailed with my contact numbers but I take it that you must be busy so if you get the time let us know if you are still interested in this trip as Mike is coming over from Holland sometime mid February for a meet and it would be nice for us all to meet at same time.



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