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JochenObser 28 Oct 2004 03:50

La Paz - Transamazonika
I want to cross southamerica from end of november until end of january 05 from La Paz
via rio Beni and transamazonica to Natal,Brasil
Anybody wants to join? I have BMW R80 GS.


Dogo 28 Oct 2004 22:14

Hey Jochan,

would love to join you brother but it won´t be
possible,not this time;anyway planning to do the transamazonic as well in maybe a year or so,and would be very happy if you could share
which route are you exactly intenting to use,cause I met some local,i.e. brazilian,bikers last year in southern Brazil and for my great surprise they told me that the transamazonic road had long been invaded by the jungle and was a thing of the past????
I congratulate you for the outstanding idea of such a trip,and wish you all the sucess.
Keep'n touch and beware the local "Piranhas"!
a supportive biker,

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