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Mark Seiler 6 Feb 2004 03:03

L.A. to Mexico to Costa Rica in Feb.
Hello Travellers,
I'm riding south February 9th or 10th from L.A. Looking for riding companion(s) to travel all the way or part of the way to Costa Rica via Baja and the Pacific Coast. I'm riding a white XR600 with a Canadian flag on the front, British Columbia plates. Reply to this post or say hello if you see me on the way down.

Moflow 7 Feb 2004 01:32

Hi Mark,

I will be heading down towards Baja and mainland Mexico some time near the end of Feb or beginning of March. You will probably be a few weeks ahead of me, but I will also be exploring other countries in CA for the next few months and maybe our paths will cross. I'll be riding a blue KLR with Quebec plates. I'll be checking in with the HUBB along the way and trying to hook up with other riders in the same area.

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