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mharris 14 Aug 2002 04:34

Kawasaki eliminator ZL600 1996
Hello travelers! I was hoping someone could tell me where I might find info(manual, tech tips,etc.)on my 1996 Kawasaki ZL600 Eliminator. The cycle was only made for 2yrs. 96' and 97' and it's been difficult finding info on this model. Thanks in advance and ride safely,God Bless You.

Susan Johnson 14 Aug 2002 12:00

Hi, and welcome to the HUBB. We have over 40 forums because of the diversity of topics people post, including quite a few bike specific forums.

The forum you have posted in is for Travellers who want to meet up with other travellers on the road.

Your post will be more likely to get a response if it's in the Kawasaki technical forum, so I have moved it there.

Susan Johnson

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