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Intrepidfor10minutes 3 Nov 2012 11:27

Karakorum Highway 2014 by Landcruiser
My wife and I are planning a trip to India in our 1994 Landcruiser via the Karakorum Highway in 2014 (assuming it is open) and will be looking to join other travelers to go through China. We plan to take our time getting there but aim to enter China at the optimum time to take this route. Our only other time constraint is to get to the Indian GP.

After some time in India we plan to cross to Madagascar and return to the UK through Africa, taking 12 to 13 months for the whole trip.

If anyone out there is considering the Karakorum in 2014 please make contact so we can plan together. If anyone has already researched (or has recent experiences) perhaps they could advise on if and when it is open and best time of year (my initial thoughts are to leave UK in May and arrive in China July ish).

We spent 7 months travelling to Mongolia via Siberia and back via The Stans in the cruiser last year so we have some travel experience.

photoby 15 Nov 2012 17:20

I believe that the monsoons hit the south side of the Himalayas during July and August and that road blockage from landslides is a serious problem at that time. I just got back from Bhutan and it took 30 hours to clear a 100m landslide from the road down to India; and that was in late October. I also saw where during last summer dozens of landslides had closed the road. If I remember right from my notes, it was May-June or Sept-Oct for the ideal time in the Indian Himalaya. (I cannot access my notes at the moment). You also need to check the security situation as the road is very close to the tribal areas where things are not too stable at the moment.

Intrepidfor10minutes 19 Nov 2012 11:36

Thanks for the response. Sounds like September will be the best bet!

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