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farmerdomnbob 20 Oct 2009 19:31

Iran - Pakistan crossing 31st October
Hey guys,
I know this thread comes up time and time again but We're looking for someone to do the crossing with????
We've had plans with a couple of different travelers which have fallen through and although I (Dom) and happy to do it alone, Danielle (Bob) would be much happier to travel with people!
We are currently in Tehran waiting for our Pakistan Visa which should be ready tomorrow. If we are successful I should pay thanks to all the threads about this subject which has made it a breeze.
We are both 26, British and traveling by 4x4 - blue Suzuki Vitara with roll cage (give us a honk if you see us!!).
Our Visa runs out on the 31st Oct so that is when we plan to cross although we would be happy to bring this forward a little if it suits.
We will then travel to India where we plan to make the most of our 6 month Visa before shipping to Malasia and heading north to Thailand.
It would be great to hear from others but if your plans don't match then good luck with your trip!!

Akentigernfox 24 Oct 2009 10:33

Indıa till march
Hi guys

Just to say hello, and good luck I am following a few weeks behind and will be shıppıng from ındıa too.

I am ınterested to here that your vısa applıcatıons are successful as ı have to do the same next week.

BMW 650 GS Dakar

Andy. (Sıttıng ın Dog lookıng for Noas Arch)

marky116 26 Oct 2009 09:55

Crossed two days ago currently in quetta and Bloomstar hotel all good.
Drove Taftan to Quttea in two days stayed over night at taftan at customs house with excellant reception from shami one of the officials there. Then stopped in delbandin in hotel as you go in onthe right. anly one there have court yard in back for camping 100 rupees per vehicle. The laternative was with your security in the prison yard, no thank you!

bloomstar is 400 per person but they have a lot more paper work to fill out so understand the fee.

You will have escort most of the way on the pakistan side, sometimes they leave you on your own between check points we had two vehicles so they gave us a one guard with ak 47, no english but friendly enough. Lots of check point stops and filling out same books with same details, just doing their job.

nice to do crossing with others but not essential.

Iran side pain in the bum always want to hold on to your passports get photocopies of passport and visa and give them this. Our friends just kept giving them copies of visa saying it s in farcie its easier! and it worked.

Beware road from dalbandin to queta not good so takes some time to cover ground.

all the best Mark

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