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Dogo 26 Nov 2005 12:51

Importing a Enfield from India to EU
Dear All,

does anyone have an idea of the costs involved
in the shipping of a Royal-Enfield from India to anywhere in the EU,say Portugal?
Is there a Biker resident in India
who could help me in the process?
Pls gimme a word.

John Ferris 27 Nov 2005 01:02

I was thinking of the cost of shipping.
There are Enfield dealers in the EU.

Matt Cartney 27 Nov 2005 01:24

It's important also to make sure you get a bike prepped for export to the EU as the Indian market models do not pass EU emissions and safety rules. You can get the standard 350 classic insanely cheap in the UK at the moment. I've seen them advertised at £1700. Are you shipping a bike already purchased or are you looking at buying one new?
If you want to buy a new one I'd suggest getting one in the EU as once you've paid for shipping and import duties etc. it might be as expensive to get one shipped. If you have to spend money to get an Indian market one adapted this would add to the hassle/cost. Anyway, I hope this helps, I hope I've not been telling you a lot of irrelevant junk!

Matt Cartney 27 Nov 2005 04:28

Oh yeah, you can pick up a pretty good example of a recent Bullet for 500-600 pounds here in the UK second hand. Second hand Bullets are often better than the new ones as their niggles have been worked out by the owner and often better aftermarket accesories have replaced the poorer parts fitted from the factory (regulator/rectifiers, air filters and exhausts, stainless fixings etc.)

Dogo 27 Nov 2005 21:41

Dear Matt,

Thank you very much for your replys.
Though on a recent trip to India ,I was told
people from the UK,were buyin´& shippin´home,
apparently because it was well worthy,
economically speaking ,I must confess that I am much more into the easier way,that´s buying 2nd hand in the EU.
Would you be so kind as to suggest me a magazine,or a web site or a club where I could check out the adds for used Enfields??
Thanks again,

Matt Cartney 28 Nov 2005 02:29

Hi Dogo.
In the UK the two major places to look at are the official site that John Ferris has recommended above and the following one, which is a company that sells aftermarket and tuning bits for the enfield:


They have a very good bulletin board with some very knowledgeable people on. I'm not sure of the best location to buy second hand but there is a list of dealers on the official site, some of which may do second hand bikes. Alternatively I bet someone on the Hitchcock's Bulletin Board can give you a hint. There are some people based on the continent who post on there too.
I bought my 350 classic new but regretted it when I saw the price of good second hand ones. To give you an idea, my 2002 350 in good condition with 10,000km on it was recently valued at £500 (!) and I think it's a pretty good one.
Owning an Enfield is, however, not like owning a modern bike, it really is the 50's experience! And this means lots of oily hand days in the garage tweaking and fiddling! (although the Bullet is extremely simple to work on). However, if you like this kind of thing, and you're not wanting to rely on as a commuter or, IMHO, use it for touring (although people have) then they are great fun. I get way more waves and smiles on my Bullet than I do on my XT. Wee boys seem to think it's the coolest thing they've ever seen! Swiftly followed by guys in their 60s who had something similar in their youth! If you've any questions just post on here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Red Bull 12 Dec 2005 15:02

Being a bullet rider myself in India, Its good to see you all interested in the bullet,
Dogo, I hope you have brought your bullet by now.
Anyway I just wanted to share this great link on the bullet / Tips / Maintenance / etc.
Hope you find it useful!

Take care , and ride safe,
Red Bull

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