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blairntv650 25 May 2012 14:13

If you are bored and have a few months/weeks/days/hours
Hey all i'm sitting in London waiting for queenie to have here party then will be heading up through Wales north England and around scotland. this will take an unknown amount of time but around a month.
The i will most likely do Harwick to hook of holland before heading up into scandinavia to play in the north of europe over summer.
Hoping to make it back to Germany in time for beerfest, which use to be the end of september. would be happy to be shown some good local roads or even join/have join some people at any point.
My blog, Riding the world, has the first 2 legs of the trip so far South east Asia and India/Nepal. if you want to get an idea of how i travel.
I intent on camping as much as possible with maybe some couch surfing for a shower lol.
Warning i have been travelling alone for almost 2 years now so expect me to talk a bit.:mchappy:

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