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welovebikes 26 Sep 2012 22:39

Hi Visiting Oktoberfest Munich, early October.
Hi :mchappy:

Visiting The Oktoberfest and South Germany early October, but this time not on the Bike, but in a Motorhome (I know, Boooo Hisss) that a German friend has kindly offered for me and my family.

There will be five of us, and we shall head for Munich and arrive around the 4th October and would welcome any help in advising me where to park the Bl**dy thing for about 3 days!

Also appreciate any tips on what to see and do, as I haven't been to Munich since 77 when I hitched in and worked in a couple of restaurants for a few months.

Love the area and we shall head for the Hofbrau Haus, The Englisher Garten, The Starnberg See and then back to the Black Forest via Garmisch and Fussen, so any other Motorhome camp sites or friendly drive ways to camp on please let me know.

Thanks in advance


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