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Annette 23 Nov 2007 01:54

HELP! Mexico City to LA next week?
A week before I was to supposed to finish my year long trip I got hit by a car on the highway on my way out of Mexico City. Still in hospital but should get out tomorrow. By any chance - is there anybody in the area going to LA in a pick-up truck with room for me and my bike? Mini vans will do too :-) I know - it's pretty far out but weird stuff happens all the time....


Lone Rider 23 Nov 2007 02:04

Sorry you got busted up. One thought is to post over on Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum under Outer Darkness Regional Forum and/or Trip Planning Forum.
If for nothing else, I think you'll get some ideas sent your way. People there do like to help other riders.
Best of luck, really.

Statdawg 24 Nov 2007 02:35

Request for help sent.
Annette, I posted on your behalf on AdvRider the same as your request above. I sent an email to the President of the BMW Moto Club of Mexico, and I contacted some border residing members of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America to explore the options available. Now we just have to wait and see what is available.

I found a few people that might be able to drive your bike with you northward if that is an option or if it would be easier to enter in Texas and ship from there. Time will tell. :confused1:

garrydymond 24 Nov 2007 05:26

I sent you an e-mail if you didn't get it give me a call at work on Saturday the number is 50052065.

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