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steffen_utzmann 18 Oct 2003 07:11

Guatemala- panama? or tierra del fuego?

I will be in Belize in the next couple of days. Despite the bit tense situation with the upcoming election 9. November in Guatemala I still plan to stay there for a 2 weeks Spanish course.
So starting mid November I looking for company basically from Guatemala to at least Panama. My plans are currently to be in Tierra del Fuego sometime in February.
Please also contact me via Email as I not always manage to read the HU BB.

CU on the road,

Peter Bodtke 9 Nov 2008 02:25

Hola Steffen,

Looks like I am trailing behind you, I am in Oaxaca, Mexico, headed for Belize 11/15 and will be staying in Belize (and just into Guatemala) until Dec 1st. From there I am traveling to Guatemala City for an unknown amount of time. It could be short it could be a few days...

Perhaps I catch up to between Guatemala and Panama.

Peter Bodtke

Peter's Ride
skype: peterbodtke

paddyT 9 Nov 2008 03:44

hi Steffen and Peter,
I'm in southern California and about to enter Mexico en route to TdF.
Maybe we'll meet up.. Look out for a Pegaso on Northern Irish plates, I should be in Guatemala in about 3 weeks and would like the company for a bit too.

Peter Bodtke 10 Nov 2008 03:36

I'm leaving Oaxaca on 11/13 or 11/14, headed to Belize for a spell. I will be in Guatemala City Dec 1 or 2nd.

Would welcome traveling with other riders, but I have a strange itinerary, going from major city to city promoting awareness of open source software that powers hospitals. Chances are most riders want to hit the dirt roads and steer clear of big cities and I have the opposite plan. Best chance is that I do short legs with other riders and connect periodically at the end of the day.

cruthas 17 Nov 2008 16:06

Hey Steffen,
I will be in Guatemala in about three days. Let me know where you are at and we can meet up. Also if anyone is headed that way shoot me an email and we can ride together.

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