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zeroes 8 Jun 2003 00:08

from Italy to India autumn 2003
I am going to travel from northern Italy to India, passing through Balcan countries, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, maybe some China, Pakistan and India.
I am going to start my trip in the first week of september 2003, and plan to be away for two months.
Anybody around who would like to join me for at least part of the trip?

omar mansour 10 Jun 2003 04:44

hey rider
how are you?
i'm planing france to egypt,via eastern europe+turkey,but i,m going to make it earlier than you,i want to start early august,maybe we can fix it together,or meet you some where in eastern europe.be in touch ,then we can arrange it

troytaylor 10 Jun 2003 07:54

That sounds like an awesome trip. For 2 months at the end of August? I'm definitely interested. Have you started any planning or did the idea just spring up? Shoot me an e-mail so we can discuss further. That is a great route and then I could stay in India for a few months.

Talk to ya soon!

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bijsterbosch 11 Jun 2003 01:36

Hi Zeroes,
It will be busy on the road, I am planning a similair trip, leaving my homecountry The Netherlands late august. Right now my passport is handled by the Iranian embassy, and as soon there green light I will start carnet business.
Planning to cross Germany, eastern Eurpe and arriving Istanbul at the start of September.
Keep in touch, perhaps we could meet somewhere.
Zeroes, what are you doing when you arive in India? Drive back?

Kind regards,

Africa Twin

bijsterbosch 11 Jun 2003 02:47

Oh..Sorry, I forgot to explain my plans more detailed: From Turkey to Iran, Pakistan, India and end up in Nepal. From that point I'm not sure if I will fly the bike back or continue to SE Azie.
Nepal is allready far away from home, and the road may be insecure by the time!
I travel alone, but some company will be welcome, especially for Iran and Pakistan since civilation there has got different interpretations from what I am used to.
My scedule is not very strict, I will drive average distances of approx 200 - 300 km a day, with plenty of resting/sightseeing/motorcyclereapair/visa application days in between.
I've learned in previous travels that a thight scedule is more stressfull than being on the road at all!


zeroes 11 Jun 2003 03:20

Dear Omar, Troy and Guido,
thank you for your replies. I've sent answers to your mail addresses!
To everybody else: I forgot to write that I want to attempt driving the Korugart Pass (Kyrgyzstan to China), and the Khunjerab Pass (from China to Pakistan). Can it be done?


imadan 16 Jun 2003 22:14

Cool .... even i am planning a similar trip to india .... I am an Indian and know that part of the world well - having lived there for 20 yrs ....
I plan to start from London and finish
in Delhi -- than depending on the condition of the bike (GSX-R 600) and me, either fly or ride back ... (Obviously with a healthy break in Delhi).. Plan to leave end of august ish ---- but i need to be in delhi for latest by end of sep.... for the raid-de-himilaya... (check out rdh4.com)

If any of your guys are intrested in meeting on the way or intrested in the raid itself --pls post a comment or mail me ..

omar mansour 20 Jun 2003 06:54

hi imadan
how are you
seems you will be in hurry,you think you can so all that in that short time??
i will be ib a hurry too,but i will try tostart early august from france ,then via aestern europe to turkey,then all the way to egypt,
tell me your route and hope at least we see each other on the road,

simmo 20 Jun 2003 08:41

Hi zeroes

You can cross the passes into china, although it is more difficult with your own bike, you need an escort. Also the Kunjerab pass is not open all year due to the weather. Funny watching bus passengers run around then faint! It is pretty high up! I crossed into china in may/99 ( I think!) so early summer. When i was there it was not possible to travel from Gilgit to K2 base camp by road due to Snow. You could get to Astor Vilage but no further.

Bikers had left there bikes at Sost ( the customs point in pakistan) and made bus trips to Kashgar etc.

The LP website has info on the closing of the border between Kyrgystan and China due SARS,(the thorn tree) also comments on the Turkmenistan border closures??

When do you expect to be in Kyrgystan?

imadan 20 Jun 2003 21:08

i plan to leave around the 29th aug .. and through france, italy/greece/turkey enter into iran ..
v can link up for maybe greece /turkey -- depends on the dates ..
I will confirm as soon as i know my dates .... pls keep me updated about yours ... And if there si anybody else out there -- pls give us a shout ---- specially for iran/pakistan ....

omar mansour 21 Jun 2003 03:48

hi emadan
how are you
i dont know when i'm going to start,cause i have alot of thing i must finish first
but i hope i will start like 1st or 2nd august
i did it before so if you need any informations in greece or turkey let me know
also in france and italy
do you have any informations about hungary,romania,bulgaria??
plz let me know
thanks alot

stormsearcher 10 Sep 2003 19:41

u gonna ride a gsx600r in the raid de himalaya?lol/ boy u got hopes/ its a bloody tough off road rally/beter get a yz125 /i have ridden the roads 3 times and u cant ake a gsx600r in there to rally/ takecare

vincent danna 14 Sep 2003 14:31

i ll be in pakistan end of september, (i fly from france because of my job)
but in 2002/2003 i did the -stans, iran, pakistan, more info on my website (you can translate it now)
i did the kkh to the top (kunjerab pass) in january 2003 (officially it s closed in winter, i guess i was lucky), no way to go and see k2 because of the weather, but very nice, no problem, snow ice on the road but i managed.
have fun
maybe see you in pakistan then i go to india first ladakh zansker in the mountains (if the weather allows it) then ?
after india , se asia, ...

happy trails

vincent danna 14 Sep 2003 15:28

this rally looks fun through the mountains,
if we can follow free (?)
anyone into it ?
we could make a horizonsunlimited team !

imadan 16 Sep 2003 23:34

u guys are most welcome for the raid de himalaya .... just let me knwo and i will make all the arrangements .....
i know the whole crew and will be more than happy to have u guys with us ...
looking forward .... Thanks
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