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thea 18 Jun 2002 03:14

Four wishes ...
... I have for this summer:

- to improve my english
- to improve my skills, how to ride my Yamaha XT600
(because I'm an absolute beginner!)
- to meet friendly people
- to see nice countrysides & nature

I'm a 33 year old female from germany and I want to spend a few days
(ca.: 18.07. - 26.07.02) with my tent, sleepingbag and - of course! - my motorcicle
in england, irland or scotland (I have no exactly plans yet...)

who likes to join me and to show me nice places & routes
(as you are a compatriot, you must know of this...)

electric_monk 18 Jun 2002 07:22

I would be more than glad to show you the wonderful island of Ireland. I work as a bike instructor and pretty much set my own working schedule and would enjoy the opportunity to inprove my German. It would also give me a good excuse to tour a bit more of my own country.


Sian Mackenzie 22 Jun 2002 22:06

Hi Thea,

Im English, but living in Munich, also getting used to my newly fitted out XT.
Its not so far to ride, but just as nice around the Alps here. If you fancy a weekend of riding and speaking English, drop me an email.


pmtsg 2 Jul 2002 03:41


I have just bought an XT600 too and I am a complete novice as well.... but I do speak English and live in London. But I'm going away to the French Pyrenees for a while. back in London in a few weeks if you want to meet up for a ride.

see you,


RichLees 5 Jul 2002 01:13

you'll be here at the right time for the adventure motorcycling weekend in England - www.horizonsunlimited.com/meetings/UK2.php.
hope you're enjoying your travels!

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