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breva73 3 May 2009 14:38

Florida north to south and back
Hi all.

Im starting around May13 going down from Crestview to Key West and back to Crestview. I planned approx. 3 weeks for that tripp. Are there anyone around?


breva73 17 May 2009 22:08

Who is around?
Hi there.
I am near Sarasota in the Oscar Scherer State Park. Nice quiet place here. Tomorrow I will go direction Everglades.
If someone is around, would be nice to meet.


MyOwnWay 22 May 2009 05:12

Bad weather
Hi Mike, hope you are enjoying your ride and the weather is getting better at the moment.
I just rode up from Tamarac, near Miami up the US1 till Jacksonville then was forced to get the highways to fleed the heavy rain I had for almost 2 days. At the moment I am close to Atlanta, again stuck because of the rain.

It´s a shame I couldn´t see places on the upper half of east Florida and had rain all the way up from Cape Canaveral instead.

I really enjoyed a ride to Key West during a sunny day and also the part of Florida I could ride without that bad weather.

It would have been great if we had followed the same direction.

Anyway, enjoy your trip, and share your experiences.


breva73 29 May 2009 04:24

Hi Marco, I had also a lot of rain the last 2,5 weeks. But anyway I had fun. I staid 2 nights in Key West and had only a half good sunset. The first day shower, the 2nd clouds came up, but still it was great. I joint a lot other places . Right now I am in Crestview and leave monday heading west. The first stop will be in New Orleans for two nights, the I go on Housten, Austin and Big Bend. Maybe we meet somewhere or drive together. It is al long way to LA.


MyOwnWay 30 May 2009 03:42

Hi Mike, great knowing you are enjoying despite the bad weather we have had. I also went down to New Orleans, it was nice, then I went to Houston just to see how it was and came up to Killeen Tx. We have been almoste doing the same route. Shame we didn't meet on the road. Good luck anyway. I am leaving tomorrow on my way to Mexico and hopefully one day I'll be in Ecuador. Keep posting about your trip.

Take care


breva73 30 May 2009 04:23

Hi Marco, I am just a little behind you, hope you will have a lot of fun, take care in Mexico and on our way further south. Tomorrow I will be on the beach somewhere at Destin with my cousin. The forecast sounds much better than the last weeks.

Take care


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