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simonkring 15 Nov 2011 17:38

Europe - West Africa - Cape Town - East Africa - Asia- Europe

I am planing a MC trip starting september-october 2012 from Denmark to west africa, south africa, east africa, middle east, asia and back to Denmark. This is just a very ruff plan, but i like to keep it open and not make to many fixed plans.

Plz send me a message if you could be interested to join me on the way.

I will be riding a BMW F800gs.

Ride on :)


garnaro 17 Nov 2011 23:47

w. coast africa
Hi Simon,

Sounds like quite a trip! I have the same rough plan as you do. Leave Europe at the end of October, head down the west coast of Africa, taking about 6 months to get to cape town and if all goes well head up the East coast after that.

Riding a DR650. I'm a surfer and keen to find some waves down the West Coast along the way...

Here is a very rough planned route: http://g.co/maps/gf6mr

Not sure about Egypt with the high Carnet price..

simonkring 18 Nov 2011 05:54

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your messages. It sounds like we have almost the same plans (your traveling map is more or less similar to my ruff plan :)). I do not want to rush during this trip but experience, see and try a lot of different things - so i think the 6 months is perfect for london - cape town. Must admit am not a surfer but i love the ocean so am keen on giving it a try :).

Tried finding your email enabling us to communicate there. Didn't manage so plz send me an mail @ simonkring85@hotmail.com



garnaro 18 Nov 2011 23:52

Hi Simon - ahhh, a map says 1000 words, eh? It sounds like the Saudi Visa is a tough one to get. Have you looked into riding across China? From posts here on the hubb it sounds about impossible. However, I also want to go across asia - figured I'd try to tackle Africa first...

here is a verrrrrry rough route across asia:

Dublin to Tokyo moto - Google Maps

I'll send an email..

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