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bbevan 9 Feb 2007 22:57

Europe to Cape Town via west coast, May 2007
I'm traveling from Europe to Cape Town starting late May of this year. I hope to be in South Africa by early September. It's a less-than-ideal time frame considering the Saharan summer and West African rains, but unfortunately this is the only opportunity I'll have for some time. It's also short (three months), but I'm not wedded to the idea of getting all the way to Cape Town, although it would be nice.

I'll be doing the Atlantic Route- average temperatures for coastal cities is much lower than one might expect (low seventies), although the roads between them do stray from the coast and will likely be quite scorching. Also, the rainy season appears to stop dramatically as one approaches southern Cameroon / Gabon, south of which the worst roads of the route are located. The worst of the rains can be avoided by staying away from the coast as long as possible (although its still going to be pretty wet).

Is anyone else going to be out there around this time, that would want to share some mileage?
Does anyone who's been to these parts in June/July/Aug have any advice?


wicjo 7 Mar 2007 05:36

similar plans

I am planning a very similar trip, London Cape Town.
Leaving July/August 2007.

Do you think its possible to complete in 3 months?

Please drop me a line:
wicjo (att) irc (dot) pl


McThor 29 Mar 2007 04:19

I'd also be interested in knowing the timeframe for such a trip.

Hoping to follow in your footsteps in fall 2007 (propably around October-November). Depending on a mulititude of unknown factors across the continent, I may end my adventure in Cape Town and fly home / ship bike to Denmark. But to be honest, my dream is to drive all the way home up the east coast. But unless this is doable in 6 months all together I will end my trip in Cape Town since ½ a year is my absolute maximum :(.

Realy hope some of those who have done this trip can help us gauge what kind of time we're talking about here.

jeff_watts 30 Mar 2007 09:02

west africa route june/july
we went through this region last year...cameroon is "interesting" when it comes to mud..the route is variable but passable and dont worry if you get stuck there's always someone to help you out

jeff watts

good luck

Gone wandering

yorks-lad 30 Mar 2007 19:09

Atlantic route
Hoping to do same route around July/August.

snoopy 1 Apr 2007 18:50

I'm interested in doing this route end of July to start of August. Anyone going solo and interested in teaming up?

sadoblazo 15 Apr 2007 21:04

hi bbevan! my girlfriend and i will be riding tangier 2 dakar in june. Will be in TNG on the 4th of june and making our way south as quickly as possible using the tarmac route. would definitely like to share some miles with you if if happen to be there around the same time. we're riding 2up on a suzuki dl650. let me know if this fits your timeframe. in any case, good luck with your trip!!!

orrin 19 Apr 2007 19:40

A little later?
:confused1: Anyone going a little later? I will hopefully leave end october.(2007)
:confused1: Orrin

Mike66 23 Apr 2007 19:56

West Cost Africa
Hi BBevan

I am also planning to cross Africa same time frame, let's chat.


Mike66 30 Apr 2007 09:41

.....cross Africa

How far are you with your trip planning? Still on "Go"?

Regarding buying a bike in Europe and sell it in South Africa....one of the best place to buy a bike is Switzerland. Low tax "Gov sales tax" but you need an address to registrate your bike. I guess in UK ...it is the same. You can find good bikes on Motoscout24.ch - der Motorrad-Markt von Occasion Neu und Miet Motorräder Moto Töff Roller Scooter Quad Trike Sidecar Oldtimer aus Händler und Private - Home. To sell you bike in South Africa is a challenge because of the high tax on import bikes, sometimes it is not even possible if the bike is older then ...(?)..years.

Tell me whats your plans, maybe we can go together to this trip. I have 4months off beginning of June.

cheers Mike

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