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Dalbir 23 Sep 2003 15:52

Europe Anyone?
Im now in Budapest and heading to Berlin then back down to Prague then into Munich and on to Bern, then towards UK. Anyone like to ride abit? or some beers. Also i need advice on finding a buyer for my bike. '89 Dommie which i have ridden from Singapore. Im thinning out on cash, and will try to find work (anyone knows someone who needs a hand in a bar or so?) and worst case, sell the bike to continue travelling, plan to hit South America in a few months time.

fireboomer 3 Oct 2003 01:12

Is selling the bike the worst case scenario or do you really wonna sell it? If so can you drop me a mail with some info. I live in Belgium.
Concerning work... finding a job here is not that hard. Quite a few cafe's, bars, restaurants are always looking for some help. Finding a place to stay is the hard part. all the students moved back so basicly every corner of every house is rented out.

Drop me a mail if I can be of any help.



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