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g6snl 27 Jun 2012 23:12

Europe 28th July - 11/12th Aug 2012
Ferry Sat morning on 28th at Dover ( or train?) Then southern France / Spain / Italy/ ........no solid plans yet. Camping all the way. My first two week trip, and 3rd into Europe. Not afraid of big mile days, but happy to take time also. Hate motorways ! Yuk ! Crap language skills but get by. Riding for two years ( mid-life crisis thing ) 47, married...........to a woman,( nothing against marrying men if that's your thing.) not weird, not rich, happy to go alone but would be great to share a small adventure for some or all the time. Can set itinerary or just take it as it comes. Would like to include Alps and may be a stop at Geneva ( fab place went last year camped by the lake. wonderful. ) Don't really drink so not into boozy nights, love to try new food ( no mushrooms or them horrible sea food snot things ) don't smoke. oh and my wife say I don't do strip clubs etc..... Bike to Bike radio would be a big advantage, I can probably help with that.

Also doing Scotland last week in August 25th onwards with wife on back and another couple camping and some b&b / cheap hotels. Again no set plans as yet.

Live in Halstead Essex. ride 2004 650 Deauville.

brads 1 Jul 2012 00:20

Ey up
Drop me a line. I`ve not done europe but will be planning to go shortly, ie, end of Aug Sept maybe

As for Scotland, I can do that with me eyes shut, drop me a ine as I say we can maybe sort out a meet up. My missus is looking to get in a Scotland trip soon on the GSA.

g6snl 2 Jul 2012 22:16

Brads, That would be great to meet up with a local and get some tips etc. We are in Livingstone on Sat 25th Aug. I guess late afternoon ish?? It's the first day so we should on schedule! So not to far from EL where you are.

Andysr6 4 Jul 2012 16:49

Hi, currently in Briancon in the middle of a 3.5week tour France/Spain/portugal but will be back before you set off.
when touring Scotland try the Independant hostel guide they usually have double/twin rooms at good rates all over Scotland. Andy

g6snl 10 Jul 2012 20:18

This is my plan so far:

28th July catch Eurotunnel early ish morning. 8am+/_ head for Nice via a stop Lake Geneva and through Alps to arrive Nice area late afternoon 1st August. Camping all the way , anywhere..........

2 Aug Collect a friend (may need to hire car, he don't do bikes! ) spend day at La gorge du Verdon. Return to nice area (dump car)

Head for N Spain morning of 3rd August. After that on to Pyrenees, and then head south as far as time allows. Allowing time to be home by 11/12th Aug.

Mon 13th ...........work :thumbdown:

brads 17 Aug 2012 22:20

back at work then ! lol Hope thats not too harsh after the trtip. How did it go.
I head to europe with Horizon tours end Aug for a few days. The wife wants hotels for her first time abroad on the bike so I`m not camping !!:thumbdown:

Still heading up north ? I`ll be home from work. Cant get a trip in, but a coffee if yer passing and a chat about places to go etc would be good.


g6snl 17 Aug 2012 23:44

Brads. Yes still heading your way 25th Aug. Staying at Livingston for Sat night, not too far from you? Should arrive fairly early afternoon so plenty of time for a meet I reckon.

Then off up the east, across the top, and down the west.

The trip...............yes...... well it didn't come off on my planned dates ! :thumbdown:

It's changed a bit now for the better. Going now 7th Sept. and the wife is coming too for the first week then flying back from southern France (16th) while I continue into Spain and find my way home to arrive 22/23rd Sept. If you would like to tag along at any point feel free. Plan to go to lake Geneva then alps / Italy down to south France along the coast to Marseilles for sunday 16th when wife will fly back to UK. From there into Spain exploring places of interest all the way. Hopefully get into Barcelona too.

Ok on the wife not wanting to camp. I had to do some arm twisting this end it's her first euro-camp. Camping so far for me in Europe has been so much better than in the UK. Everything is just nicer. The sites, the weather of course, the people are happy and very welcoming, helpful.

I have told my wife she will love and I am 100% sure she will.

There is something about waking up next to lake Geneva and sitting outside in the morning sun with a cup of coffee. Or heading for bed in the shadow of Mont Blanc and the Alps after a wonderful day on the twisty bits, having eaten the best home made Italian pizza cooked in an outdoor wood oven by the bloke who help put your tent up two hours earlier. Just great stuff.

brads 19 Aug 2012 19:32

The wife loves camping really, she managed the entire Outer Hebrides on the Tenere recently but has decided hotels in Luxemburg ! haha.
I wont manage to meet up in Europe, but I should manage a coffe in Livinstone, Will let you know sharpish,
If you`re heading up the East coast then imo, you either head straight up the A9 to Inverness or go along the Fife coastall road via St Andrews etc,to Dundee and again, stick to the coastal route after Aberdeen,
The A90 is a dire road, so I would either avoid it, or use it to visit a few places on route, Arbroath, Stonehaven etc.
The A9 passes through some beautiful country and is a far nice road, but you miss a large chunk of the East coast. Up to you really. My vote would be A9.
Once up north the world yer oyster. When heading back down, do not miss the Kyle of Lachalsh raod out to Skye, one of the most beautiful roads Ihave ever ridden, just be aware of folk behind you as you pootle along at 30 looking at the mountains !! lol

g6snl 21 Aug 2012 18:15

Thanks for the tips Mark. I was wondering A9 or not. So A9 it will be !
I'll PM my email and Mobile for direct contact.

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