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sameer_a_bhat 25 Jun 2012 00:28

EQUADOR to COLOMBIA leaving early this week
Hi all,
My name is Sameer. I am 30 years old. I have been travelling in mainly Colombia but also in Equador since November. I have had a Bajaj Boxer 150 cc bike since March and I have travelled about 6000km on that so far in Colombia and Equador. I am currently in Quito, and planning to leave here in a few days - maybe Tuesday. I have mainly been riding solo so far, and hoped to bump into other motorcyclists but that hasn't happened.

If you are heading in Colombia direction from Quito and are planning to go sometime this week. Give me a shout will be cool to travel the roads together.

I am from UK. English is my primary language. I can speak basic spanish.


MyOwnWay 25 Jun 2012 19:11

Ecuador now
Hi, Sameer, I just got to Ecuador last Tuesday. I live in London but I m ecuadorian. I just sorted my bike´s paperwork and I m in Cayambe (about 50 miles north of Quito following the panamerican road) I may be in Quito tomorrow (Tuesday) I don´t know if too late for a drink. I ll be travelling in Ecuador from the first days of july, heading south. Let me know if you are around. My mobile number 098553590 in Ecuador.
Also, this weekend may be the right time to visit Cayambe, whoever is around since traditional festivities are going on.jeiger


sameer_a_bhat 26 Jun 2012 06:09

Hey Marco, Good to hear from you. Yes I was actually in Otavao on the weekend for the festival. And I know Cayambe - its on route.... I am actually leaving Equador tomorrow (Tuesday morning). I am leaving Quito and heading north to the border. I need to head back to Colombia as my journey ends in a month so sadly can't join you on heading south as I need to head north... I expect to be in Ipales on the colombian border tomorrow night.
With regards,

MyOwnWay 27 Jun 2012 01:31

Have a nice trip.
It´s a shame we didn´t meet. I may have come accross you as I headed to Quito this morning. Good luck for the rest of your trip. I hope you got to Ipiales as you planned, also, if you haven´t done it yet, don´t miss the Las Lajas Sanctuary close to Ipiales.


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