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Paul Miller 29 Apr 2010 16:11

Eastern Europe 2-3 month motorcycle trip 2010
Hi, I am a semi-retired 63 year old G.P. from Earby, Lancs. I am planning to do an Eastern European motorcycle road trip, camping and motels, in July/August September 2010. If anyone wants to ride with me, I would welcome it. I intend to go via some friends in Bosnia who I met when there with the Army in 1998, who I know would be welcoming to any other of my friends, and probably then to spend a little time on the coast at Montenegro. Then back up through southern tip of Serbia to Bulgaria, Romania, Black Sea Coast, possibly down to Turkey, back through Hungary,Slovakia,Czech Republic, and return via Poland where I want to see Warsaw, Auschwitz, Krakav, and Gdanske shipyards. Just planning the main part of the route now but will be diverting off this to places of interest on the way. Total time about 8 to 10 weeks. I make a lot of stops for bum breaks! Riding '97 BMW 1200GS Adventure....some roughish roads but not off roading.
Do the lot, or join me for parts. I am NOT a Charlie Boorman type rider....I'm not that good! Neither am I a racing freak, and generally obey traffic rules and ride carefully.
Will be leaving for the best of the summer, first week in July 'til last week in September or until fed up.
Route includes, France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia,Bulgaria,Romania, Hungary,Slovakia,Czech Rep, Poland, Germany(Berlin), Holland. Estimated distance 8,700 miles but LAZY TRIP. Probably go Calais to Calais, possibly Hook to Hook. Will both camp and stay B and B as there seems a lot of cheap and good lodgings available with farms and families likely. (I rode 32 States of USA,17,500 miles in 3 months, in 2007 alone with a tent...this trip I would welcome pleasant company.) I travel comfortably and eat well, but not in luxury. Not a heavy drinker and am straight male. Fellow travellers, may be either sex, must be easy going and be able to speak some English. Route changes open to discussions at all times. May agree to separate up for short diversions and re-join later if wished. No rules other than being considerate and courteous with each other and having a great time. I am NOT looking for a pillion rider as it's too much like hard work!!! Paul Miller:welcome:

Norfolkguy 29 Apr 2010 22:08

Hi Paul,

I can't do 2010 but Chris and I are planning a similar trip in 2011 and we would welcome one or two more participants. See http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...starting-48701

If you either don't get to do your trip for some reason, or are up for a repeat next year, I'm sure your profile would fit in well with us.


Paul Miller 29 Apr 2010 23:07

Thanks phil
I suspect I have read the posting by Chris and noted the trip is 2011, though it does not seem quite certain where it is likely to go yet. I wanted to see the old Eastern Bloc countries before they change to much to our sort of pace and lifestyle. I intended to do it myself anyway and had no response from my friends on Facebook who think I'm nuts. When I found this site I thought I would throw in the bait and see what turns up. I shall go anyway as I am content travelling on my own as I did in the USA, but it would be nice to have a posse! If I am fit and well next year and the itinerary is something I would enjoy, I may well consider it. I am fortunate in being able to work now as and when I want to ( or need to to fund stupid adventures!)

gixxer.rob 30 Apr 2010 00:06

Sounds Great
Hi Paul,

That sounds like a great trip mate. I did a similar trip in 09 just a little more west. What I saw of Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech and Poland has defiantly made me want to go back and see more.

I wish I could join you but can't (back in Aus now) and wish you all the luck. I hope you get a travelling companion.


coupleriders.net 30 Apr 2010 07:04

Higly recommend to come to Turkiye(turkey).Wonderfull roads to ride, very friendly people, full of history, different culture and life.Shortly many reasons to be here.. Please think twice and if u decided to come please visit our group coupleriders.net and our meeting place is Angelshome Hotel Sultanahmet which is at the heart of the queen of cities.

Paul Miller 30 Apr 2010 08:51

Thank you
Thank you for your comment and invitation.
I have considered whether to cut down into Turkey. I have been to Istanbul once before by plane....wonderful and fascinating city to a British eye...but I recall a journey by taxi which was about the scariest road trip I ever did in my life and the driving was all over the place! It would take some courage to ride a motorcycle around Istanbul I think but I may seriously give it a go as I would love to see the Blue Mosque , the spice market and go to one of the old Turkish bath houses there again!. I also considered riding on to see Constantinople and the Crimea peninsula, but it may be a bit too far out of the way for this trip.
Regards, Paul

mottil 1 May 2010 01:47

i have a similer plane...
hey paul my name is motti 24 from the galilee israel
i have a similer plan for this summer
i plan to go to germany and buy mysalf a transalp or somthing similer
and start heading east untill greece probbly
but evrything is open for me becouse i am just now starting to plan this trip and i have a 24 years old mind...
im not sure wane exectly it wiil happen
my be in the begining of june
may be a month later (im not in a runing to noware)
im not rideing so long just alittel more then 1 year and i ride a small 1 suzuki gn250 witch is my 1st bike
so i am not a very expirenced rider and i will be happy to ride with some more expirienced ppl at list for some off the trip
you can contact me in mottil@tribalrec.com and anyway i will be happy
for hints and tips about planing a trip like this
i wish you and my salf a great summer of great expirences :)
im sorry for my english after all im not a native speaker...


Miquel-Silvestre 1 May 2010 03:06

Hi, Paul. I will be hiting the road across Europe next summer so probably we can meet if you keep us updated about where are you riding. For me this summer is going to be like an experiment. I will try to ride during weekends from an european airport to another european airport, then parking the bike and take on monday a low cost flight to Spain and flying back on friday to ride again. It is just to keep me working at home during the boring week. I am trying to do a long trip by segments. It is going to be a challenge and also a journalist job. If you are around, we can share some miles and some beers.

Back to America

Back to Africa

Holy Land

Paul Miller 13 May 2010 17:39

Thanks for good wishes,

georgethejock 13 May 2010 22:16

I am interested
Hello Paul,

I am a like minded biker interested in joining you for a good part of your trip. do you have a route and dates planned yet?

Or is anyone else out there planning touring Europe June - August, September.


ioan 14 May 2010 13:29

Hi Paul,

I'm riding out to Estonia via Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine etc in a few weeks, I should be around Slovenia towards the end of June/start of July and will be in that region for a week or so.

Do you fancy meeting up for some riding / swap some stories??

All the best


Paul Miller 14 May 2010 20:34

Largely planned. Route is on large plan and more detail of places I planned to stop off developing fast...about 1/3rd done. Am planning it on computer and transfer details to my Satnav
Let me have some details about yourself ....I expect to leave about 10/12th July and get back whenever...probably 8 to 10 weeks, but may be a week or two earlier or a week later depending on stopovers. Basic route is about 7,800 miles from Calais to Calais but diversions will probably add about 1500-2500 miles on that. Expect cost to be about 3,500 UK pounds....fuel alone is likely to cost about 1500 and then there will be a probable set of tyres, oild changes, maybe repairs if essential and camping does not seem too safe in some of the areas so cheap B and B or motels.
Regards Paul.
Regards Paul

Paul Miller 14 May 2010 20:46

Thank you for your posting.
I shall be setting out 10/12th July. Stopping in Strasbourg to visit friends. Should be in Slovenia about 14th/15th though had intended to just fly through on the way to Bosnia where I also visit old friends from the Balkans war. Slovenia could be a good night stop if you are there around that time. If that is any time when you are likely to be there, then I will send you my mobile number on private e-mail and try to meet up for a meal and a drink for a night.
Regards Paul

ioan 16 May 2010 14:28

Hi Paul,

That sounds like fun, unfortunately I don't think I will still be in that region at that time, I may have already been through! If plans change though, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks and have a great trip!


riti 16 May 2010 17:41

Hi Paul (et al),
we're in the first couple of days of a similar trip. We left holland ferry port Saturday morning, spent last night at a fab little campsite in Ahnagal (just outside of Kassel, mid Germany), and are currently in Prague - we're leaving for Krakow (Poland) Tuesday morning. The scenary and people so far have been fab. We are going through Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium then back to Holland. If we can help with anything just let us know. Rich

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