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mmaarten 1 Jun 2005 00:50

Dead horse, Alaska : end of june
I,m in Boulder now, wil go via wyoming to Yellowstone, then Glaciers into Canada and up north. Via Hyder, Dawson, Fairbanks to Deadhorse.
Want to be in Alaska at the end of june.

Anybody going in the same direction?


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Bill Shockley 1 Jun 2005 12:33

Hi Maarten,
My buddy Jon and I are headed to Alaska and leaving next week. We are leaving from Minniapolis and the first stop will be in Calgary at his friend's house(another motorcycle traveler). We will work our way north and dont have any set plan except we want to go cheap and camp. Both of us are just back from a year in S. America and plan to do Alaska and the Yukon until we get bored or the place catches on fire like it did last year. My plan is to retun east after that and then try to make Nova Scotia and Newfoundland before it snows. I guess we will be in Calgary around June 12-15 and may stay in the area for some days. It would be great to meet you there or on the road. Bill.

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