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ourwildjourney 20 Jan 2008 16:38

Czech Republic to South Africa

We are a couple going from Cz down to South Africa from End of March/middle April on...are there any people going the same way in this time? Would be nice to share the cost of the Libyan guide. We plan to go Tunesia/Libya/Egypt and then down.

on Our Wild Journey there is more info on our trip.

I have heard so much controversial stuff about Libya, what is right? If you stay on the northern highway just for transit you don't need a guide?
This sounds cool if it's true! Has anyone got experience with applying for the visa by themselves or does everything need to go through an agency?

Thankss for all hints!!!

Happy travels!

Andrea and Rene :thumbup1:

mrg46 20 Jan 2008 17:12


I'm riding a bike from Europe down to South Africa along this route
. If our timing is the same (it sounds like it) then I'd be happy to share Libyan guide costs. I don't see the Libyan transit as troublesome other than getting all the prep done and expecting a long procedure for the Egypt border. I don't think I'd like to risk trying what some people suggest of doing a 7 day transit with no guide, for me its just too risky of getting refused entry into the country. I've got a friend who was recently turned down for this transit after riding all the way up from Cape Town.

The legs that I'd like to travel in convoy with for safety reasons are Southern Ethiopia & Northen Kenya, so maybe an option for that too.

Anyway, I'll pm you my email address so we can stay in contact closer to the time.

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