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Brian and Marie 17 Apr 2009 12:06

Crossing Pakistan May 2009
Reading the news and threads here on the Hubb it is looking like Balochistan is coming unglued. We are currently in Esfahan with 2 weeks remaining on our Iranian visa before we must cross Pakistan. We would very much like to have company to cross Balochistan province. So if you are in the area, give us a shout.

danielsprague 17 Apr 2009 12:49

Hi guys

I live in Hyderabad at present (near Karachi). Quetta looks risky at present, though it's not clear whether foreigners are being specifically targeted (there aren't many foreigners left in Quetta these days).

You'll get a police escort through Baluchistan, if they miss you, just ask. Whether they're any real help is debatable, but at least someone is looking after you. You can stay in Police stations at night, it's also debatable whther these are any safer. Maybe you'd want to skip Quetta (great shame), and go straight to Sibi / DG Khan / Karachi then on to Lahore.

Don't let Baluchestan put you off Pakistan as a whole, you'd be crazy to miss the Northern Areas (now Gilgit Baltistan) which are totally safe.

I'll be in Quetta after a couple of weeks, so keep in touch

Daniel, in Hyderabad

Brian and Marie 17 Apr 2009 17:03

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response. I am currently in contact with 4 people (2 we met here in Esfahan on motorbikes and 2 that are currently in a 4x4 in Tehran), all of whom will be crossing Pakistan about the same time so your info is very useful to us all.

To avoid Quetta is it possible to go from Dalbandin to Sukkur in one day? The road to Sukkur seems to branch off prior to getting into Quetta. I know it is something like 650 km (no problem) but if these kilometers are on bad roads, then we have a problem. What are your thoughts?

jopos 18 Apr 2009 10:06

Hi there,

We drove end 2008 from Dalbandin to Quetta. We drove 12 hours continualy(!) so I think it is not possible to drive from Dalbandin to Sukkur in one day.
You can see some parts of the road on my movies and perhaps you can read some information in my diary of road story.
You can find al this info on Going East - Home

KennyE 18 Apr 2009 22:49

The road from Dalbandin to Quetta is pretty hard going. It took me almost a full day to get there. On the positive side, the Bloomstar Hotel in Quetta made up for it.

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