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John Laing 30 May 2002 23:19

Crossing from Europe to Africa
I was wondering if anyone knows how or where I can find information relating to crossing from Italy to Egypt. I understand that this is not possible and I will have to go through Libya or through the Middle East. Any coments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Susan Johnson 9 Jun 2002 02:56

Hi John

There are no ferries from Italy to Egypt. The only ferry service from Europe which was operating was run by Salamis Lines out of Greece, but they have suspended operations until further notice, presumably because of concerns about the situation in the region.

You can reach Egypt via Turkey, Syria and Jordan, then by ferry from Jordan to the Sinai. Or, you can take a ferry to Tunis from Italy or France, then across Libya and into Egypt.

What is your intended destination after Egypt? That may determine which route is preferable.

BTW, your post should be in the Trip Transport forum, rather than this one, which is specifically for travellers who want to meet up with other travellers on the road. You would have gotten a response sooner in the other forum, as I see all the posts.

Good luck with your trip, tell us more about your plans and we may be able to give you more assistance.

Susan Johnson

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Edgar Guest

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Ramin15 26 Jul 2002 09:01


I agrre with susan, I do live in italy and tried to get some information about ferries operating that way, all the services have been suspended.
the only way is overland via jordan and tehn to sinai in egypt.

good luck

omar mansour 2 Aug 2002 03:55

my name is omar and i live in egypt .i tried
to find any ferry but i failed i wanted to go to france so i took the way via jordan syria turkey then to greece italy and finally france.
i think you can take a ferry to cyprus then to egypt from there
or try to go to ilate in israel then cross via taba to sinai
by the way if you need any help in egypt just email ,i like to help all the motorbikers.tell me what you plan to maybe i join you .i have dr800 but i wanna get a bmw 100 gs
see you

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