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satchfan54 14 Apr 2009 01:48

Cross Country USA - Sacramento CA to ?
Looking to ride across the USA this spring/summer. Haven't made any concrete plans yet but I would like to start a conversation with a few others who are interested in riding coast-to-coast USA starting in Northern California. I'm young, with a flexible schedule, and will be traveling light and cheap. I ride a 2004 Honda VT1100 with fairing, hardbags,trunk,T-Bag storage. Contact me at RN54@comcast.net and we can discuss our ideas.

pearl 5 Jun 2009 04:54

hey there , i am not interested in riding across the country . but if you are interested on a place to crash and store a bike or 2 for the night your welcome to throw your tent out here in knoxville . and check out the roads here in eastern tennessee/western north carolina you won't be disapointed i promise its a beautiful place .

John Ferris 5 Jun 2009 05:14

I have made a few cross country trips and the route I like the best is,
US-50 into Utah. I-70 to east of Denver, CO where you get on old US-36
US 36 : US Highway 36 : Route 36

motoreiter 5 Jun 2009 08:09

Route 50 runs all the way from Sacramento to Ocean City, MD. I tried riding it from East to West about a year ago, but had to leave Rte 50 in Colorado because of snow (it was mid march), and head further south.

From MD to Dodge City KS, where I left Route 50, there was very little traffic and you get to see plenty of small town America. I made pretty good time, and it beats the hell out of the interstate.

That said, depending on how much time you have, it would be a real shame to cross the US and miss all of the cool national parks, which you would have to zig-zag to get to. Also, my favorite part of the country is NorCal-Oregon-Washington-Idaho, so maybe start by going north, not east?

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